See 10 foods that Increases The Chances of Twins Conception: Female Fertility Boosters.

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Foods That Increases The Chances of Twins Conception: Female Fertility Boosters.

Ever wondered why women of the olden days were so fertile that they could give birth to children even in their late 50s and only few were barren?
Olden women days were renowned for their fertility. Twin births were common occurrences. Even a barren woman used to be popular all over the town or village because she would be an exception to natural process.

  1. Yams: Observing native food system, you will discover that they are majorly yam-based foods. Look at Yam paste,pounded yam), sliced and cooked yam,etc. Yams especially water yam,white yam,potato yam,yellow yam etc, contain phytoestrogens and natural progesterone (dioscin) that regulate the estrogen-progesterone balance in women. They convert diosgetion into
    luteinizing homone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone(FSH), that are essential for ovulation. They stimulate ovulation.
    In those days it is recommended that yam diet should be consumed between the period of the last day of your menstruation and the beginning of ovulation or for nine days after menstruation.
    You can eat pounded yam with soup made with okro leaves, sliced yam,egg plant,etc. Avoid fried yam if you are seeking for pregnancy.
  2. Eggs: We prefer local (organic) eggs, especially during their menstrual period, on the day they see it until the third or fifth day that they finish it and that the eggs should be eaten in the night boiled and not fried or raw.
  3. Black pepper and some of the pepper soup spices are female fertility booster.
  4. Coconut Water: It is usually recommended that women with fertility problems should drink coconut water. Studies
    have demonstrated that coconut water is rich in sugars, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, enzymes, amino acids.
  5. Red Palm Oil: This oil is rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants (lycopen, beta-caroten, and vitamin E) and anti-inflammatory compounds. Women are advised to drink raw red palm oil (not too much) at least a cover of a bottle per day or one tablespoons per day in the night. It helps to fight free radicals that may be a reason for some women’s infertility.
  6. Guava: I once talked to a nurse that went to a village where no single woman is barren. She was there as part of her nursing course as a student. She interviewed the women in that village for their high fertility rates and she was told that they are fond of eating guava, that no woman living in that village will not eat a guava in a day. Men in the village did the same things, so there is no barren in the village. Guava is rich in fertility boosting nutrients like folate, vitamins C, B2, E, niacin, calcium and magnesium.

When eating guava for fertility, masticate (chew) the seeds property for you to enjoy the full spectrum of the fertility boosting nutrients in it. The seeds do not cause appendicitis as suggested by some.

  1. Fermented locust bean contain Zinc, Copper and Iron are micro-minerals that are found in fermented locust beans. Zinc is a fertility booster for both females and males. Fermented locust bean boosts female fertility.
  2. Onion: Onion is a fertility food. Onion also prevents insulin destruction.

The deviation from nature’s foods used by our extremely fertile women of the ancient time and the distraction caused by modern, refined and artificial foods are not without their prices.

  1. Sausage tree: It is a fertility booste. It increases the hormone in charge of follicle growth so you produce more eggs also increasing your chance of getting twins.
  2. Fruits and vegetables:
    Women who consume a lot of vitamins are more likely to welcome two bundles of joy.

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