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Ditch that sophisticated mouth-wash to ward off bad breath.

Try these 5 ways to get rid of unpleasant odours coming from your mouth.

Nobody likes to be around those who have a bad breath.

At some point or the other we all may have had an episode of bad breath or been with somebody who suffers from bad breath.

In simple terms, it is a feeling of unpleasant smelling odours coming from the mouth.

It is called as halitosis, if it is a chronic condition.

While sometimes this could be due to something that you’ve eaten, in other times, it could be because of certain bacteria present in your mouth.

●Common causes of bad breath:
•Drying of bacteria in your mouth (as is the case during morning)
•Foods that contain excess sugar
•Smoking or tobacco consumption
•Gum disease
•Old age
•Diseases like diabetes.

●5 Natural remedies to get rid of it:

■Drink more water : Dehydration can play the culprit for most health problems that you suffer.

When you don’t drink water for a long period of time, your mouth becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that produce smelly compounds and its by-products.

Drinking 8 glasses of water is the best way to keep bacteria away.

■Suck on a lemon : Seems like this juicy fruit has more benefits than you know. If you feel that your mouth is stinking, just cut a small piece of lemon and suck on it.

Lemon juice contains antimicrobial, phytochemical as well as antioxidant activities that kills fungus and bacteria and also reduces inflammation in the mouth.

■Have parsley : This garnishing ingredient is more than just that.

It is alkaline in nature and it is a proven aromatic herb that will help you to fight bad breath in a jiffy.

■Green tea : Green tea has multiple health benefits. Here is another reason to start having green tea regularly.

Yes, that’s because it has many anti-inflammatory as well as antimicrobial properties that put up a great fight against bad breath.

■Simply gargle with coconut oil : Coconut oil is excellent for your dental as well as gum health.

If you are experiencing bad breath, just take a spoonful of edible coconut oil and gargle.

It has specific types of fatty acids that are called as medium- chain fatty acids.

These acids include capric acid, lauric acid among others.

They have antimicrobial properties that will not only shoo away bad breath but also promote good dental health.

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