My Mother Refried The Sallah Meat Given To Her With Anointing Oil Before We Could Eat It

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A day after the Muslim’s popular religious festival, Eid-L-Kabir, a young man came out to tell the usual story of how Christians don’t want to eat the Sallah meat offered to them by the Muslims but this time around there is a new twist to the story as the man revealed how her mum refried the Sallah meat given to them with anointing oil.

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So, it is generally known that followers of one religion try to avoid taking out of the sacrificial offerings of the followers of another religion. Just like the Christians avoid taking the Sallah meat from Muslims, some Muslims avoid taking the food and meat offered to them by their Christian friends during Christmas. This is a scenario we get to see on a yearly basis, but frying Sallah meat with anointing oil is a new terrain we are not familiar with in this game.

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