Ogun State Government Recruitment for Land Administration Expert – OGSTEP

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The Ogun State Government is requesting assistance from the World Bank to fund the Ogun State Economic Transformation Program (OGSTEP) through an Investment Project Financing instrument, The funds will support the Ogun State Development Plan (SDP) (2018-2030) with a focus on business environment, skills development and public sector governance.

The ministry of budget and planning has the responsibility for project implementation and ensuring that the project development objectives are met and coordinated by the Project Implementation Unit (PIU).

Below is a critical role / activities that are needed to be filled or carried out for the preparation and implementation of the program:

Job Title: Land Administration Expert – OGSTEP

Location: Abeokuta, Ogun
Project Title: Ogun State Economic Transformation Project (OGSTEP) – Land Administration Expert
Reports to: Project Manager, Business Environment
Duration of employment: 12 month contract, renewable (up to 5 years), based on performance/ need

Project Development Objective

  • The Project Development Objective is to increase agricultural production and stimulate private sector participation in the agricultural, industrial and skills sectors of the Ogun State economy.

The project consists of two main components. The project components include:

  • Component I: Increasing Agricultural Production and Industrialization
  • Sub-Component 1.1: increasing Agricultural Production
  • Sub-Component 1.2: Improving Business Environment.
  • Sub-Component 1.3 Developing Skills.

Component 2: Technical Assistance to Strengthen Capacity to Implement the Program

  • Component 2.1 Agriculture
  • Component 2.2 Business Environment
  • Component 2.3 Skills
  • Component 2.4 Public Sector Reform and PFM
  • Component 2.5 Project Implementation support


  • The Ogun State Government through the Federal Government of Nigeria has received a credit from the International Development Association (hereinafter referred to as IDA) Bank towards the financing of the OGUN STATE ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION PROJECT (OGSTEP). The Project Coordinating Office of OGSTEP intends to apply part of the proceeds of this credit to payments under contracts for the Consultancy Services.
  • The OGSTEP is in line with the Ogun State Development Plan 2017-2030 (SDP) reform agenda to accelerate strategic reforms and foster public investment to enable greater private sector participation in the State’s economy which is organized around five cardinal programs covering agriculture production and industrialization, infrastructure and rural development, education, health, and affordable housing and urban renewal.
  • OGSTEP is a multi-sectoral response project premised on a combination of results-based financing, technical assistance, and increased private sector participation through public private partnerships. The project will focus on sustainable reforms to address constraints impeding the ease of doing business in the State and limiting effective private sector participation. It will support investment promotion through dedicated agencies and industrial zones, while emphasizing private sector management and market-driven investments.
  • It is therefore important that as part of efforts towards project implementation, a Land Administration Expert is required to support the policy reform team within the Bureau of Lands and Survey (BLS). This is to enable the state to achieve the reform efforts aimed at simplifying the registration of property by supporting the improvement and the efficiency of the Bureau of Lands and Survey in issuing the CofOs under the activities of the Business Environment Sector Technical Team.


  • The Land Administration Expert will provide support to OG BLS to achieve increases in land titling and registration to help secure property rights, which should lead to higher level of investment and productivity under a sound governance environment. Although property taxes forms a key component of internally generated revenue for the state, the Land Administration Expert will ensure that CofO issuances does not only promote income generation but strengthens citizens’ rights in an inclusive manner.
  • OGSG is also planning to engage in a systematic land titling registration (SLTR) program in three major urban areas across the state to strengthen citizens’ property rights in an inclusive manner. The goal of the SLTR program under OGSTEP will be to create a higher level of investment and productivity under a sound governance environment by cost effectively growing the State’s land database.
  • The Land Administration Expert will be responsible for the day-to-day management of tasks executed by OGSTEP Business Environment Sector Technical Team in relation to project preparation and project implementation at the Bureau of Lands and Survey geared towards improving the business environment in Ogun state, while working closely with the Project Manager.

Scope of work
Land administration reform has the potential to truly transform Ogun state’s economy. Good land policies are not only known for being a catalyst for commercialization of agriculture; but they are also essential for facilitating flows of private investment into industries, creating new jobs, and stimulating mobility and structural change, as well as ensuring well-functioning cities1 and sustainable resource use.

The overarching role of the Land Administration Expert (LAE) is to ensure that the land title registration process is significantly streamlined, to facilitate strong security of tenure and energised the land economy of the state. Given that only about 3% of the land is registered in the country1, this has become a stumbling block for both investors and communities, because it ultimately reduces the volume of investment in the country.

Thus; the role of the LAE is to lead a successful land administration reform, strategic enough to engender investors interests in Ogun state whilst protecting the local communities’ land rights. Other roles and responsibilities include:

  • Agricultural Development: The LAE is expected to work with relevant stakeholders within the state (MDAs, state and non-state actors) to wright substantiable land policies capable of driving significant industrial scale agricultural investments in the state. The policies should be strategic enough to protect security of tenure for investors and proper integration and protection of local community and traditional smallholders,
  • Industrial Development: Land access and responsible tenure system is a critical factor for industrialization, essentially in the agro-allied primary production and value chain systems. The LAE is expected to develop strategies that would facilitate the industrial and manufacturing sector of the Ogun State Economy, using modern land administrative models which is capable of creating improved access to land for manufacturing firms in Ogun state to construct warehouses, showrooms, and worker housing and other ancillary infrastructure to support industrialization.
  • Increased Employment: New investments and productive activities state-wide, triggered by a more secure access to land would mean significant job creation. Sustainable job creation is critical to Ogun State, thus; as part of the core remit of the LAE, the role would entail aggressive drive for a sustainable and measurable job creation strategies through optimal land use reforms and industrialization activities.
  • Improved Access to Finance: Land access plays a central role in production process, same applies to guarantee systems for industrial, small business and personal loans. Improved access to land would enable firms and individuals in the private sector to secure loans using land as collateral. The LAE is expected to drive a system that would make it easy for large organisations, small businesses and individuals benefit optimally from financial offering as. Result of their holding status.

Among others, the Land Administration Expert will support the strengthening of the land administration and management in Ogun state by:

  • Re-structuring the lands rights administration system;
  • Re-structuring the institutional framework for the land administration and management;
  • Reinstating and adequately facilitating the Land Use Allocation Committee and the Land Advisory Allocation Committees; and,
  • Increasing capacity and support proper institution of land valuation services.

Recruitment Qualifications/ Competencies

  • A minimum of a Master’s degree in either of the following discipline: Land Administration, Development Economics, Sustainable Development, Property Law, Urban Planning, Geodetics / Geomatics Engineering and Business or related field.


  • Minimum of 7 years relevant, progressively responsible experience with proven track record in land law reform
  • Experience in land tenure projects in Nigeria and/or West Africa including practical and legal knowledge of the land tenure system.
  • Experience in conducting land policy reform activities under World Bank assisted projects or similar multilateral institution environment organizations is an advantage;
  • Excellent knowledge and professional experience of systematic land titling projects in Africa;
  • Knowledge of the Framework for Responsible and Inclusive Land Intensive Agriculture investments (FRILIA) or other similar inclusive land policies and the international documents that form the framework for FRILIA;
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and experience in working with a wide range of individuals in government, private sector and civil society;
  • Experience in policy reform with government agencies;
  • Experience in working in teams;
  • Highly computer literate with demonstrable proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel;
  • Basic understanding of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of managing impacts related to land access and development-induced displacement
  • Knowledge and experience of managing cultural issues around land tenure, land transfer and negotiating complexities around law of eminent domain and traditional land title holders.
  • Strong multiple stakeholder engagement knowledge and experience
  • Adequate knowledge of urban planning, urban renewal and geospatial planning
  • Fluency in spoken English required with excellent written English skills, including sound report-writing skills;
  • Proven ability to work under pressure and meet strict deadlines;
  • Proven ability to work effectively as part of a team.

Language Requirements:

  • Proficiency in both written and spoken English

Application Closing Date
16th September, 2020.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified individuals / firms should send their Resume and Cover Letter to: ogstep@ogunstate.gov.ng / ogstep.p4r@gmail.com

Click Here to Download Term of Reference (ToR)

Note: Interested individuals / firms are expected to indicate the position being applied for and should provide sufficient information demonstrating the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the services.

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