Procurement Reform Specialist at the Ogun State Government

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The Ogun State Government is requesting assistance from the World Bank to fund the Ogun State Economic Transformation Program (OGSTEP) through an Investment Project Financing instrument, The funds will support the Ogun State Development Plan (SDP) (2018-2030) with a focus on business environment, skills development and public sector governance.

The ministry of budget and planning has the responsibility for project implementation and ensuring that the project development objectives are met and coordinated by the Project Implementation Unit (PIU).

Below is a critical role / activities that are needed to be filled or carried out for the preparation and implementation of the program:

Job Title: Procurement Reform Specialist

Reference No.: OG / CS / PPA / 32 / 2020
Location: Abeokuta, Ogun
Project Title: Ogun State Economic Transformation Project (OGSTEP)
Reports to: Project Coordinator – OGSTEP
Duration of employment: 2 Years (Renewable upon satisfactory performance)

Project Development Objective

  • The Project Development Objective is to increase agricultural production and stimulate private sector participation in the agricultural, industrial and skills sectors of the Ogun State economy.

The project consists of two main components. The project components include:
Component 1: Increasing Agricultural Production and Industrialization:

  • Sub-Component 1.1: increasing Agricultural Production
  • Sub-Component 1.2: Improving Business Environment.
  • Sub-Component 1.3 Developing Skills.

Component 2: Technical Assistance to Strengthen Capacity to Implement the Program:

  • Component 2.1 Agriculture
  • Component 2.2 Business Environment
  • Component 2.3 Skills
  • Component 2.4 Public Sector Reform and PFM
  • Component 2.5 Project Implementation support

Background Information
The Ogun State Economic Transformation Project (OGSTEP) is a comprehensive effort that will help propel Ogun into a high-income State that is inclusive and sustainable. The program will lift Ogun’s gross national income and raise per capita income, meeting the World Bank’s threshold for high income state. The purpose of OGSTEP is to increase the participation of the private sector in the economy of Ogun State with a focus on improving the business-enabling environment, strengthening agri-food value-chains and upgrading skills.

OGSTEP, along with the Government State Development Program (SDP) serves to achieve economic development in the state. OGSTEP builds upon the policy directions, strategies and programs of the SDP (organized around five cardinal programs covering agriculture production and industrialization, infrastructure and rural development, education, health, and affordable housing and urban renewal) and aims to accelerate strategic reforms and public investments to enable greater private sector participation in the State’s economy.

Consequent to the above, it will increase the State revenue and help achieve the Government Transformation Program. Ogun State is also focusing on governance as a cross-cutting area to improve government efficiency in the delivery of key SDP outcomes and to ensure the sustainability of these outcomes through a results-driven financing of the cardinal programs.

The Program proposes to support a subset of the overall expenditure program of the State that are related to the SDP’s cardinal objective of agricultural production and industrialization, alongside skills development and improved public sector performance. With a combined use of result-based financing and technical assistance, the World Bank is well positioned to support Ogun State in implementing the SDP.

The Program funding will consist mainly of IDA credit (World Bank Group) and will be disbursed base on the Disbursement Linked Indicators (DLIs) in components / Result areas. The program will last for a period of five (5) years all things being equal.


  • The objective is to assist Ogun State in establishing a modern public procurement system, including a dedicated Procurement Cadre in the Public Service that will facilitate improved delivery of goods and services.

Scope of Work
The Consultant will work closely with the Honourable Commissioner for Budget & Planning, Chairman of the Procurement Council, Project Coordinator – OGSTEP and Director General of the Bureau of Public Procurement, in modernizing and strengthening the procurement processes and systems with a view to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of public procurement and budget execution in the state.

The Consultant is expected to perform the following tasks:

  • Provide technical assistance in establishing the procurement agency and institutionalizing modern procurement practice in the State
  • Provide technical assistance in implementing Ogun State Public Procurement Law
  • Provide technical assistance in establishing the procurement cadre
  • Conduct a detailed analysis of public procurement of Ogun State
  • Identify the current needs of the public service in modernizing and strengthening public procurement.
  • Identify the systems, policies and procedures that need to be modernized (including technological improvements)
  • Design and implement a capacity building strategy for strengthening public procurement. The strategy must be divided into short-, medium- and long-term targets with the short- and medium-term targets expected to be delivered by the consultant during the term of the assignment.
  • Provide technical assistance in developing and issuing guidelines for public procurement as may be deemed necessary in modernizing public procurement systems and processes across the State.
  • Identify and improve upon mechanisms for coordination of public procurement across ministries, departments and agencies
  • Provide technical assistance in organizing interviews, meetings and focused group discussions with public servants, other key stakeholders in the public procurement process including suppliers with a view to improving procurement practices.
  • Actively liaise with the Ministry of Budget & Planning in integrating the procurement management process into the budget and cash management processes and strengthening the budget and fiscal management of the Ministry.
  • Provide handholding support to the Procurement Officers assigned to the project.
  • Develop and report on a framework for monitoring improvements in the procurement management process over the period of engagement

Report and Schedule of Deliveries

  • The Procurement Reform Specialist will be required to provide reports, documents and deliverables as required by the project and as directed by the Project Coordinator regarding his/her activities.

Services to be Provided by the Client:

  • The Procurement Reform Specialist will be provided office space in the Project Implementation Unit, transportation to the municipalities outside of state and related logistical support for implementation of project activities only.

Institutional and Organization Arrangements:

  • The Consultant will report to the Project Coordinator – OGSTEP and the Hon. Commissioner for Budget and Planning.

Payment and Fee For Service

  • Payments shall include the agreed consultancy fees and reimbursable expenses associated with the performance of the consultancy activities
  • The payment of the consultant will be based on sign off of deliverables by the Project Coordinator.

Recruitment Qualifications / Competencies

  • Master’s Degree in Public Procurement, Governance, Public Administration or other relevant fields.


  • At least 10 years substantive experience and expertise in the areas of public procurement operations and public administration and familiarity with Nigeria’s or regional procurement needs and challenges
  • At least five years of substantive experience and expertise in the area of public procurement reforms
  • Demonstrated capacity to design and execute capacity building strategy for public procurement officials
  • Strong strategic and analytical skills
  • Strong political economy skills
  • Demonstrated capacity to establish and maintain excellent relationships with key partners
  • Strong interpersonal communication, reporting and presentation skills.

Language Requirements:

  • Proficiency in both written and spoken English.

Application Closing Date
16th September, 2020.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their Applications to:  , The Applications must be clearly labelled “Consultancy for Ogun State Economic Transformation Project (OGSTEP) – Procurement Reform Specialist”.

Click Here to Download Term of Reference

Applications should include:

  • Cover Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Contact details (office address, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses).


  • Applications will be considered from individuals
  • Application materials are non-returnable, and we thank you in advance for understanding that only short-listed candidates will be contacted for the next step in the application process.

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