Strong Reasons Why You Never Permit Any Pastor To Lay Hands On Your Head

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It is a tradition that a pastor must lay his hand on an individual’s head to pray or did we create it let’s find out.

It regular among a significant number of the present ministers to lay their hands on the head, particularly temple of those they pray for during redemption, gift time.

on of hands on individuals’ head during prayers may appear to be innocuous, however it could be risky.

Although the Bible commands the disciples of Jesus to lay hands on the sick and pray them to get healed, it does not mention laying the hands on the head or forehead

Close to head or brow, there are different pieces of the body that hands can be laid on during prayer. 

Some verse in the scripture refrains where the disciples of Jesus laid hands on individuals include:

“And he could there do no mighty work, save that he laid his hands upon a few sick folk, and healed them.” (Mark 6:5)

“Now when the sun was setting, all they that had any sick with divers diseases brought them unto him; and he laid his hands on every one of them, and healed them.” (Luke 4:40)

“And he laid his hands on her: and immediately she was made straight, and glorified God.” (Luke 13:13).

“Whom they set before the apostles: and when they had prayed, they laid their hands on them.” (Acts 6:6)

“And it came to pass, that the father of Publius lay sick of a fever and of a bloody flux: to whom Paul entered in, and prayed, and laid his hands on him, and healed him. (Acts 28:8)

All Bible verses quoted here are from King James Version.

In all of the aforementioned Bible verses, there is no where it is stated that hands were laid on people’s head or forehead. So, for your safety, don’t allow any pastor or man)woman of God to lay hands on your head or forehead for the following reasons:

1. You may be at the risk of contracting infectious diseases like the COVID-19.

2. Not all ministers are genuine Godly men. A few ministers are into mysterious practices. Thus, When such Men lay their hands on your head, they could project a few spells on you or remove the Glory of God in you.

3.Prayers and praying is answer by God through faith, therefore is not a compulsory for anyone to lay hands on you

In reality, it isn’t vital for ministers to lay their hands on the heads or temples of those they appeal to God for. A minister can appeal to God for you from a separation without contacting you. 

On the off chance that the minister must touch you or lay hands on you, the person in question could do that by holding your hands or contacting your shoulders as should be obvious in the accompanying photos.

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