5 ways to use clove for your well-being

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5 ways to use clove for your well-being

1.) Toothache, caries and bad breath.

If you have a toothache, cavities or bad breath, you just have to chew some clove or an infusion to make your mouthwash with it, it is an anti inflammatory and a natural antiseptic, it will eliminate bad smells from your mouth and soothe the pains.

2).Buttons and spots on the face

If you suffer from pimples and spots on your face, you must mix clove powder with turmeric powder, add a little water and apply the paw to your face. This will eliminate stains and make your complexion even.

3) Vaginal bad smell

If you suffer from bad vaginal odor, let macerate for 2 days the clove in a liter of water and make your sit bath with, it will help kill the bacteria responsible for bad odors and it will tighten your vagina as well and refresh it. This solution is as well for fighting urinary tract infections

4) Hair loss

Look for clove powder, mix with a little water and apply to your hair, let it stay overnight and wash your head in the morning. It’s going to stop hair loss and film problems.

5) Sexual weakness and frigidity

If you suffer from problems of sexual weakness or frigidity, it is necessary to chew the clove, it is an aphrodisiac, it allows to prolong the erection effect in men and women, it allows to have the sexual desire it helps to maintain the sexual appetite between the 2 partners.

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