Simple remedy for body odour using limes and others items

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Do you have Body Odour, I have a good news for you,If you are suffering from heavy body odour this post is for you

Here are the steps to eliminate or remove body odour from your body totally

Items needed:

👉 Lime “two pieces”

👉 Cinnamon cassia powder

👉 Neem leave


Get hand full of neem leave squeeze in the same water you want to bath with or you boil together to extract juice if you like bathing warm or hot water and remove the leaf.

Then put a spoon of cinnamon powder to it lastly cut two lime (each into two) and put in the water.

Allow the water for 20 to 30 mins before bathing with the water.

Also cut one lime in to two and place each half inside your armpit both side and close for 20 mins. Finish

You can repeat same once daily till it stop.

Tested and trusted try this and thank me later.

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