How to block YouTube ads without using any apps

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Block sudden YouTube videos ads, without using any apps or paying for the Premium YouTube version with this simple and easy tricks.

YouTube have always been the best place to get more educated video contents or watch movies, and music videos. But most of this video’s do come with alot YouTube ads which is not really appropriate for most users.

What’s YouTube ads

YouTube ads are the sudden videos that pops up when you are watching a certain video on YouTube, without getting your permission before appearing on your screen. This ads are mostly added on videos by the YouTube video owner or uploader to earn some money with the videos, they are 100% safe.

Type of YouTube Video Ads

They are two main type of YouTube videos ads:

1. Display Ads

This are ads that appears at the beginning of the video, you are watching on YouTube and ends between 5 secs.

2. In Video Ads

This type of video ads is the most anonying ads people do face on YouTube videos, because its appear after you watch a little video another one comes again and again untill the video ends.

How to Block YouTube videos Ads without using any apps

In case you want to stop seeing this ads while watching videos on YouTube, you can follow any of the below steps to do that easily.


  • Goto YouTube on your laptop or Mobile phone
  • Find the video you want to watch
  • Now copy the video link
  • Place a dot “.” at the end of the link
  • Example “”
  • Add dot to the last letter at the end “”


This is the most simplest method to block any YouTube in videos Ads with just one click, without making payment for the Premium version or using a Ads blocker app.

  1. Open YouTube on your device
  2. Find the video you want to watch that contains alot of in videos ads in it
  3. Now tap on the controll button move it to the end of the video
  4. Then click replay again
  5. You will notice that the ads have disappeared, with that simple tricks.
  6. You can redo this tricks on any video you noticed too much of many in Ads video.

Closing Thought

Any of the above method is good to block and skips YouTube Ads with just one click without using any apps or using any other hard methods tricks.


This post is only published for educational purposes only and not for any other intentions or act

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