Why you must Visit Npower Nasims Self Service Portal After Test Closure

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In today’s latest Npower news – we will be discussing why you must visit Npower Nasims Self Service Portal After Test Closure. The nasims Self Service Portal is still open for Applicants of the Npower Programme. Though the online test has come to an end, Applicants of the N-Power Programme can still visit the self-service portal for profile Update.

How, why, and where to lactate the Nasims self-service portal:

The nasims Self Service Portal is nothing new! If you have concluded your aptitude test Process, that simply means that you have passed through the self-service portal. It is the main Nasims platforms where N-Power Applicants earlier updated their records.

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Applicants who uploaded their records and later discovered that the record was not Successfully updated can still edit their profile via the self-service portal after the online test is closed.

Right now, Applicants visiting the https://onlinetest.nasims.gov.ng are being referred to the self-service portal https://nasims.gov.ng for support.

The nasims Self Service Portal is where Applicants verification is going on. And it is where Applicants can be visiting to check verification updates and other related issues

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