5 Reasons Why House of Reps Want To Scrap NYSC

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The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC ) was established on 22 May 1973 by Yakubu Gowon, a military head of state in those days. The main reason for creating the scheme is to reconstruct, reconcile, and rebuild Nigeria after the civil war. Generally, the scheme was designed to foster national unity and cohesion. However, since inception, graduates of universities, and later polytechnics have been required to take part in the program for one year. Having known why the scheme was created, we shall look at the reasons why House of Representatives want to scrap NYSC Program.
On May 24, 2021 the bill to scrap NYSC, sponsored by Hon Awaji-Inombek Abiante (PDP) reached second reading in the Green Chamber. Gistcore had reported that amongst other reasons, the bill cited indiscriminate killing of NYSC members across Nigeria. Now, let’s look at the reasons why House of Reps want to scrap NYSC.

Below are reasons given by Hon Awaji-Inombek Abiante who sponsored the bill that called for scrapping of NYSC;

  1. Biased posting of Corps members
    The children of the rich are never posted to states like Sokoto or Yobe? It is the children of the poor that are sent to those places where they are butchered. Example: Buhari’s son served in Abuja, Davido served in Lagos, Osinbajo’s daughter served in Abuja and rest of them.
  2. Failure to address the essence of NYSC establishment
    The law maker argued that the government of Nigeria has failed to address the essence of NYSC establishment while several reform efforts have also not yielded desired results.
  3. Ethnic and Religious killing of innocent Corps members
    incessant killing of innocent corps members in some parts of the country due to banditry, religious extremism and ethnic violence; incessant kidnapping of innocent corps members across the country at their places of primary assignment and in transit.
  4. NYSC causes unemployment
    Public and private agencies and departments are no longer recruiting able and qualified Nigerian youths, thus relying heavily on the availability of corps members who are not being well remunerated and get discarded with impunity at the end of their service year without any hope of being gainfully employed,
  5. Road Accident
    Many Corps members have also been killed in road accidents and by robbers as they travel to their Place of Primary Assignments (PPA) or deployment state..
    Our comment
    The National Youth Service program has been largely successful in the past. But like every other good thing in Nigeria, it has been open to corruption, abuse and manipulation by the elites as times have rolled by. As Nigeria’s insecurity worsened, with terrorism and banditry gaining a stronghold in the northern region, asking someone to serve in the North is like telling them to go and die. Some parents, now pay huge money to ensure their wards are not posted to North.
    Do you think NYSC should be scrapped? Let’s hear from you in the comment section below.

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  1. All the stated reasons above were the fall outs of mismanagement of Nigeria resources by our elected political office holders.

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