Npower Batch C: what will guarantee your final selection

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Do not rejoice yet, getting to the N-power Batch C verification stage is a big plus for you, but that does not guarantee a recruitment into the Npower program, as there are other requirements to meet.
The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) disclosed this, through email it sent to the shortlisted candidates for N-Power Batch C program. According to the email, “ shortlisting does not guarantee a final place on the program “.
What will guarantee your Npower final placement
The final stage of the selection process is deployment. To get to this final stage, applicants must enrol for Npower biometric capturing. Kindly not that biometric capturing enrolment can only take you the the deployment stage where your fate will be decided.
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These categories of Npower Batch C applicants will never scale through the Npower deployment stage which is the final selection stage;

  1. Employees under government or private sector
  2. Beneficiaries of other government’s schemes like NYSC , NEXIT , NYIF , SPW , etc.
  3. Applicants who did not follow
    recruitment instructions.
  4. Applicants who do not have the N-power required documents .
  5. Exited Npower Volunteers .
  6. Applicants above 35 years.

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