Inflation: 5 most expensive food items in the market right now

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The price of all food stuff in Nigeria has increased astronomically but the cost of some food items are truly shocking.Garri {Bbc}

Going to the market to buy anything these days would have you astounded. The cost of living in Nigeria is so high.

Nigerian youths have come up with the common slang ‘sapa’ to describe the state of not having funds and still having to spend money.

Here are 5 most expensive food item;

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Tomato paste {itemcatalogue}

Tomato paste was something you bought when you did not have money to buy fresh tomatoes. Nowadays if you are buying tomato paste you are rich. It went from N50 to N150 or N200 in some places.

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Garri {Bbc}

This is another food you bought when you were broke, you could get a Derica (a measuring tin) for as low as N50, now Garri is as high as N600 for the same measurement.

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Mofe Duncan complains about the cost of plaintain {lindaikejiblog}

Actor Mofe Duncan posted that he got a bunch of plantain for N6000. We all had a good laugh at his expense because he was obviously swindled but it was not too long ago you could buy a bunch of plantain for N100 now the least you can get plantain is N500

The people who drink bottled water will not relate but sachet water used to be N5 for a unit and N100 for a bag of water. Now it is N20 for a unit and N200 for a bag of water. The price doubled!


In the good old days when you can get half a kilo of chicken for N650, nowadays it is priced something between 1800 to 2000.

Rice would be given a honorary mention but it has been expensive since this regime came on board and closed borders.

What is the most expensive thing you have bought in a market recently?

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