How TB Joshua Had Sex With Me – Former Assistant Reveals Shocking Details

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A former assistant of the late televangelist Prophet TB Joshua has stirred controversy after alleging that the late Prophet s3xually molested her and some other young ladies in his church and managed to get away with the crime because of his influence in society.

According to the former staff of the Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN), the story of the late Prophet was not all ‘glittering gold’ she alleged that he had skeletons in his cupboard.

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Using herself as an example, Evangelist Bisola Hephzibah Johnson explained that she was a ‘bedroom slave’ of late televangelist and was called on as and when he pleased to satisfy his carnal cravings.

According to her, a lot of pretty young girls in the church have had their innocence taken away by this same celebrated man of God and they are unable to call him out over fears of victimization and fear for their own safety.

“I have been talking about Prophet TB Joshua since 2008 but he used all the power and whatever he had to suppress my voice. Even talking to you today is by the grace of the almighty God. I would have been dead by now. He has tried many times to take me out,” Evangelist Bisola Hephzibah alleged.

According to her, she did not want the coming generation to witness and experience a similar fate as she did in the hands of ‘charlatan turned Prophet’ that was why she had taken it upon herself to call out the evils of Prophet TB Joshua.

She explained that she has been with and served the Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) for fourteen (14) good years because the late Prophet would not allow her to leave the church.

“I stayed with the Synagogue Church for 14 years and because the late Prophet was a slave owner, he was reluctant in releasing his slaves.”

In tears, Evangelist Bisola explained that owing to her experiences with SCOAN she made her mind to completely wash her hands off Christianity.

“I almost did not want to follow Christianity of Jesus Christ until I experienced him personally because I believe that if God of the Bible is what Prophet TB Joshua practices, then I don’t want to have anything to do with that God. The TB Joshua you know is a double-faced monster, he comes before you as a very quiet person, but he is a swamp because he has terrible things hidden behind that quiet face.”

The Evangelist announced that she did not believe that the SCOAN will survive after the death of its leader and founder.

She said “The SCOAN will not stand the test of time after the demise of Prophet Joshua. The covenant that had gone in the Synagogue was only meant for TB Joshua. An organisation like the Synagogue should have representation in every country or even across Nigeria but he failed to do that. We that had been the disciples of the Synagogue know that TB Joshua anointed 24 people as his Lieutenant and as his Junior Prophets which he has changed to be his wise men.”

“The covenant with TB Joshua forbids marriage that is why in the Synagogue none of his followers or disciples are married. People stayed with him between 20 to 25 years and never got married. When his daughter got married last year in December, the Prophet fell seriously sick and that was the time the whole downfall of Synagogue began.

“His wife, Evelyn insisted that her daughter must get married, and championed the cause. Shortly after, TB Joshua fell seriously ill and was transported to Turkey, he came back and died barely a month later. Insiders claim he was found vomiting blood.”

However, the wife of the deceased during an exclusive interview with newsmen claimed that TB Joshua died in his inner chamber shortly after giving sermon on that fateful day.

From previous reports by SCOAN, there was no indication that the late Prophet vomited blood before his death.

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