Zamfara deputy governor Muhammad Gusau refuses to join APC

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Zamfara deputy governor Muhammad Gusau has refused to defect to the APC, following Governor Bello Matawalle’s defection to the party on Tuesday.

Mr Gusau vowed that he would remain a Peoples Democratic Party member in the state.

“I’m still in PDP. I’m not going anywhere. My father was in PDP. We joined since 1999. I remain in PDP,” told journalists.

He further stated, “I want to remind people how we came to the leadership affairs of this our state. We were given this mandate at the Supreme Court. So, we have to be grateful to (the) Supreme Court and to almighty God. That’s why I decided I’m not going to leave my party. I will still remain in PDP. 

“Myself and his excellency the governor, and people don’t even know how we started it began, from that time I have kept the trust, I follow his instruction dually till this moment.”

Mr Gusau said Mr Matawalle did not consult him before defecting to APC.


Regarding the implication of him remaining in PDP, he noted, “This is not the first time it is happening. It has happened in other states. It’s just for the governor to understand and agree for us to continue to work for the people of Zamfara. We can still work amicably for the interest of the people.

“Now God has given me the privilege to be the leader of PDP in Zamfara, and by the grace of God, I will do my best for the party to win 2023 (election) in sha Allah.”

When asked about being impeached for refusing to defect to APC, Mr Gusau replied, “My impeachment will be a serious work. It was God that brought me to this position. Nothing will happen, but I will leave everything to God.” 

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