9 Bad Habits That Might Cause Gas Explosion In Your House And How To Prevent It

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These days, there is an alarming rate of gas explosion happening all over the world. And many of them have resulted into severe injuries, loss of properties and sometimes, loss of life. Many people may think that gas explosion might be fate or its meant to happen. However, that is just the opposite because it is usually caused by the careless actions of the victims during the process of using the gas to cook.


A gas cylinder is a pressure vessel that is used for the storage and containment of gas made for cooking purposes. And gas cylinder usage in African homes is very popular, nowadays. So everyone should be very careful to prevent accidents from happening. In this article, I’m going to be telling you guys 9 things you should avoid doing while cooking with gas in order to prevent an explosion. See them below;

1. Using a candle to see while cooking with gas.


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This is one of the most dangerous things a person could ever do. Candles are very flammable and should never be placed near a cooking gas cylinder.

2. Cooking in a room with no ventilation.


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A lot of people are very fond of using gas to cook in a room without fresh air. Please always make sure to open the doors and windows while cooking to keep the room airy and ventilated. It can help to prevent an explosion.

3. Sleeping while cooking with gas.


Sleeping when your gas cooker is turned on is like a death sentence on its on. Its advisable for you to stand or sit close by while cooking, to be safe.

4. Shifting the gas from one place to another while its on.


To be on a safer side, please avoid shifting your cooking gas cylinder from one place to another. It is highly dangerous.

5. Playing close to a cooking gas.


Most people and children are very fond of playing close to a cooking gas without caring about the dangers it may cause.

6. Listening to music on headphones which using gas.


When a person is cooking, their total attention should be focused on the meal they’re cooking. And listening to music is a very big distraction.

When a person is cooking, their total attention should be focused on the meal they’re cooking. And listening to music is a very big distraction.

7. Placing the cooking gas close to another gas.


In most family homes, they have two or more cooking gas. And sometimes, they tend to place them all close to each other while cooking. This is extremely dangerous.


8. Answering a phone call while cooking.


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Most people are very fond of answering a phone call while they are cooking. This is a very bad habit that could cause harm because a phone is very a very sensitive object.

9. Avoid putting flammable materials close to your gas cooker.


Flammable materials includes gallon of petrol, kerosene, hair products, etc and they should never be placed near a cooking gas.

Thanks for reading. I hope you’ve learnt something from this article. Please share to others, you might save someone from a gas explosion.

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