Here are 10 Nigerian Celebrities Who Started as A Child Actors

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Ten children’s icons who grew up in the late 1990s and early 20s to be big boys and girls can barely remember these. If we still have it at this moment, in the mid-1990s and early 20s, some kids served us well in the entertainment world. This will be nice as they have evolved into bigger boys and girls, some are still pursuing the path of entertainment while some are searching for something special.

Azeez Ijajuade


His complete name is Ijaduade Ololade Azeez, he was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Waheed Ijaduade, went to Adiu Kindergarten and Primary School in Saje Abeokuta in Ogun state, and later went to the high school Baptist Boys in Saje Abeokuta as well. Azeez Ijaduade ‘s father is a veteran actor from Yoruba, his name is Waheed Ijaduade best known as Dimeji, entered the industry in 1975, produced films such as Ota Olorun, Itara EdaOkun Ife, Iresin, Agbegilere, Ebute, Elese and many others He’s all grown up now, making his films himself.

William Uchemba:


William started his very young career and was among the most popular kid stars of Nollywood in the 1990s. He is blessed by a tremendous talent which translates into great feelings, as a film that makes you scream can create a sad scene. He is also the United Nations Youth Representative for Africa. He made a big comeback, after a long time away from Nollyholod (not in the movie) and with his funny Instagram skits (probably because he had to grow up) he was able to win everyone’s hearts.

Shanko Rasheed


Why can you not recall the Fuji children’s music phenomenon which hit many hits in the 1990s? After several years, Shanko returned to school and studied business administration at Ilaro, the Federal Polytechnic of Germany. Shanko Rasheed is going to be remembered for his big hit album, the Agreement published in Olasco records.

Tosin Jegede


Tosin Jegede is a vocal artist from Nigeria. She was a sensation singing child in the 1980s. Since releasing her first album in 1985: Children Arise at age five she released two more albums in 1989 and 1992 respectively: Leaders of Africa and Children of Africa. She left the country to pursue her studies and graduated from the University of Bristol, London with a degree in Business Decision and Analysis and worked briefly as a pension advisor in the UK. She moved back to Nigeria in 2008. She started a pet project: One Book One Child focussing on the Nigerian child’s future

Khabirat Kafidipe:


On July 29, Kafidipe was born. A resident of Ikereku, a town in Abeokuta, the capital of the southwestern Nigerian state of Ogun. She attended Abeokuta Grammar School where she received the West African School Certificate before moving to Olabisi Onabanjo University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Mass Communication degree

Kabirah’s first film appearance was in The White Handkerchief, a short film adapted from The Virgin, Bayo Adebowale’s debut novel produced and directed by Tunde Kelani but came to the fore when she starred in Saworoide, a Nigerian film featuring Kunle Afolayan, Peter Fatomilola, Kola Oyewo, Yemi Shodimu in 1999.

Benita Okojie


Benita Okojie is best known as Singer of the Gospel. The singer who became a sensation with her breakthrough hit “Osemudiamen” in 2006 in African gospel music She has continued to achieve more success with songs such as “Jesu N’Abba,” appearing at high-profile events such as the All-Africa Games. She was born in Nigeria on 9 March 1988. In 2016, she married Wale Adeyemi. She released her first album only at the age of 10. She graduated from the Redeemers University in Osun State, Nigeria.

Somadina Adinma


Somadina Adinma is a popular teenage actor from Nollywood, as well as a television host, model, and personality on television. He is now the boyfriend of the popular teenage actress Regina Daniels in Nollywood. … He entered the Nigerian film industry (Nollywood) in 2006 and began working alongside Regina Daniels as a child actor.

ISharon Ezeamaka:


Sharon Chisom Ezeamaka, popularly known as Sharon Ezeamaka, is a successful child actress from Nollywood, a television producer, model and a personality from television. She started performing as a child actress at age 5. She was born in Lagos State in south west Nigeria on 24 October 1992.

Samuel Olasehinde:


Watching the young boy act in films was very fascinating and he even carries lines we find rather difficult. Now, he’s grown up and it’s time to find out how a little boy can captivate us.

Samuel Olaoluwa Olaseinde, aka omo @samuelajirebi Ajirebi. This young boy who is now in his mid-twenties and was born on July 16 attended Aunty Ajoke Nursery and Primary School (now Beryl) where he was before moving to GEC International Nursery and Primary School, and then to GEC Comprehensive College. He graduated from high school and went to Obafemi Awolowo (university) where he read law.

Opemipo Bamigbopa:


She started her stage career at an early age and was featured on the fans’ ‘One Love’ soap opera. Opemipo became popular when she appeared in ‘Maradona’ and ‘Bororo’ and became one of Nollywood’s best-known actresses for girls.

Regina Daniels:


Regina made her first appearance on Nollywood at the age of 9 in 2010. She had been sensational in Miracle Child, where she starred. She starred in her name on more than 150 Nollywood films.

Which kind of child character would you love to bring back if you had power?

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