7 Nigerian Celebrities Clocking 60 This Year

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Bring on 60!

You’ve hit the major milestones. You’ve hit 30, done the big celebration, moved on with life after that. You’ve hit 40 when they say life begins and you’ve also splashed out and celebrated that. Then you hit 50 and it was like WHAT?! You called every single person you know to come with all their children and possibly grandchildren to celebrate the mega-milestone that was 50.

And now you are 60. Sixty years old. It is a monumental blessing, and a fit not many people get to see. That’s why today we’re counting down 7 Nigerian Celebrities who have been so fortunate and hopefully as the months roll by for some of these, will be so fortunate to celebrate turning 60 this 2021. It is a milestone achievement and here’s a glass to all our people who have spent 6 whole decades in this world.

Are you ready to jump in and see who will be clocking 60 this year? Then let’s go!

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1. Richard Mofe-Damijo


Nollywood sweetheart and by far one of the most beloved men on Nigerian Television for over a decade now, Richard Mofe-Damijo turned 60 years old with a grand celebration on the 6th of July this year.

2. Yeni Kuti


Yeni Kuti, the Managing director of New Afrika Shrine, anchor person on TVC talk show Your View and famous daughter of the late legend Fela Kuti on the 24th of May clocked the big 60. Like RMD, Yeni too also celebrated the momentous occasion and was showered with love from all over the globe on that day.

3. Muhammad Inuwa Yahaya


Nigerian businessman, politician, and Executive Governor of Gombe State, Muhammad Inuwa Yahaya will on the 9th of October this year be clocking the big 60. I’m sure the celebration will be a very lavish one because 60 is truly a big deal.

4. Joke Silva


Joke Silva the beloved Nigerian actress, publicly appointed matriarch of Nollywood, and one half of Nigeria’s most beloved couple alongside her husband Olu Jacobs, will on the 29th of September this year turn 60 years old. I’m sure just like RMD, the entire Nollywood will come out to celebrate Aunty Joke in a big way because she just like RMD has been such a staple in the Nigerian movie industry and deserve every single one of their flowers.

5. Donald Duke


Donald Duke, the previous governor of Cross River State and the 2019 Nigeria Presidential candidate for Social Democratic Party, SDP will on the 30th of September also be clocking 60 years old.


6. Toyin Adegbola


Toyin Adegbola popularly known as Toyin Asewo to re mecca is a Nigerian film actress, producer and director who has been acting since 1984 will later this year on December 28th, also clock 60 years old.

7. John Okafor


Finally, Nigeria’s funny man and another beloved person in the industry, John Okafor aka Mr. Ibu will on the 17th of October this year also turn 60 years old.

It is no joke to turn 60. Many people haven’t been as privileged and so to all those who have lived long enough to see 60 this year, a big cheers to you. You are indeed celebrated. Enjoy 60!

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