Six Steps Npower Beneficiaries Of Batch C Stream II Must Follow To Complete Deployment

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Npower published six measures batch C2 beneficiaries must adhere to in order to complete deployment in today’s most recent news.

The wait is finally over, according to Npower management, as Npower batch C stream 2 beneficiaries have been successfully placed in their respective graduate programs.
The processes listed below should be carefully followed by the recipients to finish their deployment:

1) Go to your self-service portal at and select the Deployment tab.

2) Save the deployment letter to your computer.

3) Present your deployment letter to your PPA for approval or denial.

4) If accepted, locate your state’s focal point person for stamp approval.

5) Upload your acceptance letter with a stamp to your dashboard.

6) On October 3–4, 2022, you should resume your PPA.

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Congratulations to the recipients who were successful.

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