Man ‘dragging’ land with community shrine dies with family in a lone, mysterious accident on New year Eve

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It was another sad moment in Orumba North local government area of Anambra state as a middle aged man simply identified as Mr. Nwafor and family has been allegedly killed by shrine in his community.

According to our source, Nwoba Chika Nwoba, the man with his family was returning to his house when his car somersaulted, killing four of them.

Mr. Nwoba’s son

“Yesterday Mr. Nwafor was returning to his village in Awa community, Orumba North LGA of Anambra State and the unthinkable happened. His vehicle somersaulted and himself, grand daughter, son and wife of one of his sons lost their lives on the lonely road leading to his house in the village.

“Mysteriously, the vehicle without coming in contact with any other vehicle somersaulted and ended the lives of the four persons mentioned earlier.


“The man had a petition of land encroachment in a shrine. He usurped the deadline for his response to the petition and was given a final day of grace to come and answer questions which was on the 30th of December. He didn’t go there for the response.

Mr. Nwoba’s grand daughter

“On the 31st as he was returning for New Year celebration, the accident happened and claimed his own life and the lives of the other three members of the family.”

Explaining the modus operandi of the shrine,  our source stated thag “any shrine owned by a community or village is very powerful. If the shrine hasn’t been desecrated by the priests, its spiritual efficiency is always very efficacious.

“Sequentially, it tops secret society and juju. No secret society is more effective than this kind of shrine. Secret society people avoid communally owned shrines. They dread shrines. Secret society is more powerful than deity (juju). While shrines are managed by chief priests, deities are handled by native doctors and the Ezenwanyis.( queen mothers). Anybody who is an inductee into a shrine is more spiritually equipped than a society person or juju person.

The damaged car

“But such shrines don’t give wealth. They only grant spiritual protection. Those who seek quick money opt for deities (juju – okeite and the rest and the side effects are very ghastly within a short time). Those who seek protection, too, connection and power for sorcery join secret society.

“Shrines do not take human blood, but can take the life of an inductee if such a person goes contrary to the rules which are very unscary. Shrine is more like a traditional judicial system that works on innocence and otherwise. It doesn’t spare the guilty unless the person responds to the atonement requirements on time.

“Now, if a person reports you to a shrine over an issue, you are bound to respond to the invitation. This is moreover if you are guilty as charged. Ignoring such invitation portends fatal implications.

“You can only ignore if you belong to a very effective shrine. It’ll keep warning you until the ultimatum is exhausted. As it’s now, the corpses of these ones will not be buried. They’ll be taken to the shrines and dumped there until the family offsets whatever the shrine demands for appeasement. If they defy it and bury them That’s how it’s done. You may have viewed pictures or videos of the Ogwugwu-akpu Okija’s hundreds of corpses littered there in the coffins which are decaying and others that are completely humous already.

“It’s good you know this beforehand. Only God himself can save such a person. Don’t see everything as fetishism. Things are happening. Always do the right thing.”

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