LP Vice-Presidential Candidate, Yusuf Datti Weeps On National TV, Laments Insults Hurled At Family By Political Opponents

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The Labour Party vice-presidential candidate, Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed broke down in tears on television while lamenting insults and abusive remarks directed at his family by political opponents.

The former Kaduna lawmaker who was emotional during the People’s Townhall, a live programme on Channels Television on Sunday, mentioned what he has done to tackle false narratives against him and his principal, Peter Obi.

He said, “When I joined the ticket, I impeached certain lies against him and I saw they were heading towards that. Particularly my good friend on the APC side, on the same level.

“When people think they have money, they have power, and the sitting authority is theirs, there’s no limit. Someone has to tap them on the shoulder. I did it and I pointed a finger. You do it again – do one, I’ll do three. You know I’m capable of doing it.

“They’ve stopped. However, me and my family have been paying a huge price for my attempts to rescue Nigeria. They sent all sorts of people after me.”

He added that the situation would have been better if his critics only targeted him and did not extend their remarks to his father and heritage.

He continued: “But the thing that I was able to sort [out] with the [opposing] presidential and vice-presidential candidate, I ended up suffering on a much lesser level.

“Thirty-five years ago, at least, our dad of blessed memory passed away. No one ever insulted him until I joined elections for presidency. This is not fair. It doesn’t happen anywhere in the world.

“You don’t insult people’s parents or their families. It’s a huge price for anyone to pay,” Baba-Ahmed said, evidently fighting back tears before momentarily excusing himself to step out of the hall, presumably to regain his composure.

In December 2022, the Director of New Media, All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Council, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode wrote an article titled, ‘A love letter to Datti Ahmed.’

In the article, Fani-Kayode lambasted Baba-Ahmed for allegedly accusing him of “sleeping with women” while he was “building” his university and while Peter Obi was “building his business”.

The article said in part, “For the record, let me put it to you that each of the women you accuse me of having children with were ALL my wives and, even though I may have had differences with one of them in the recent past, thankfully such differences have long since been settled, and I am proud of each and everyone one of them.

“I am also proud of my nine beautiful children who you have insisted on bringing into the political fray and insulted by mentioning, including the young ones.

“I can expect such despicable and low down practices and tactics from ill-born guttersnipes and trolls on social media but I never expected such from you.

“If my good friend and brother, the late Waziri Mohammed, who I knew to be very close to your older brother, Muftau, and your family generally, saw what you were doing and heard what you were saying today about other people’s wives and children all in the name of politics, he would surely have been ashamed of your new low.

“Needless to say each of my children have had the very best of education at the best foreign universities, like their father and forefathers before them, unlike you and yours.

“And they didn’t just go there for their Masters degree like most of your ilk: they went there for their first and second degrees and also went to the best foreign and Nigerian private schools before University, just as their younger siblings are doing today.

“You see, unlike you, regardless of what I do or say I have a good heritage and a great legacy. And as each day passes it gets stronger and stronger, regardless of your insults.

“Unlike you, I do not need to build a second rate university or run for public office to be a household name. And it is MY name they call (FFK) or (Sadauki) and not just my fathers.”

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