Nigerian jailed in UK for luring 13-year-old girl with condoms, lollipops

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A Nigerian who visited a 13-year-old girl in UK has been jailed after he was caught at Leeds train station with condoms and lollipops.

According to Yorkshire Evening Post, 37-year-old Osacpolor Jimoh travelled from Scotland to meet with the minor at the train station.

The media outlet said he was sentenced to three years and nine months in jail after he was caught at the train station on October 24, 2022, with packets of condoms and lollipops.

Mr Jimoh booked an hotel following a five and half months of communication and planned to lure the minor into his bed.

He added the minor as a Facebook friend in May, 2022, and lied he was 19 years old while the minor claimed she was 13.  

He asked the girl who he thought was a minor whether she had a boyfriend. While chating on Facebook, he told her she was “beautiful” and wanted a “secret relationship” before they started communicating on WhatsApp.

He immediately asked her about her sexual experience and then sent her pornographic videos of himself.

He asked the minor to call him daddy and requested for explicts pictures of the girl telling her to “keep her man happy.”

He reportedly became “aggressive” with her when she refused to send explicit photos of herself to the him.

After Mr Jimoh was caught by the police at the train station, he claimed that they had a“father-daughter” relationship.

Mr Jimoh pleaded guilty to five count charges, including attempting to groom a minor, attempting to incite a minor to engage in sexual activity and watch pornographic content. 

The defence cousel, Robin Frieze told the court that his client had committed a “serious offence” and he was “sorry.”

“This is the first time he has ever been in prison and he has found being in there very stressful,” the lawyer said.

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