Embarrassing moment lady’s trousers tears in class, goes home with wrapper (Video)

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A young lady shares the embarrassing tale of how her rosy day was nipped in the bud as her trousers tears while she was in class.

The Nigerian student identified as @tarebby on TikTok, recounted the awkward experience she had while in school.

Embarrassing moment lady's trouser tears in class, goes home with wrapper (Video)
Lady’s trouser tears while in class. Image Credit: @Tare_Bby
Source: Tiktok

In a video posted on her page, @tarebby stated that she confidently wore her Aphrodite trousers and shirt to school, completely unaware of the misfortune that awaited her.

Unfortunately, soon after arriving at school, the back of her trousers ripped, leading her fellow students to come to her aid by providing a wrapper for her to tie around her waist.

Embarrassing moment lady's trouser tears in class, goes home with wrapper (Video)
Lady in wrapper after her trouser tore. Image Credit: Tare_Bby
Source: Tiktok

The lady humorously described how she realized something was wrong in the lecture room when the cool breeze flowed in through the torn part of her trouser.

Consequently, she had to move around with the wrapper, attracting surprised gazes from onlookers. The incident left her classmates and others amused, as evidenced by the reactions she received online.

See some reactions that followed …

@amandaakabudu said: “That trouser tears at the wrong places at the wrongest time mine tore at the airport thank goodness it was a night class.”

@ewatomilola665 stated: “If u wan wear Aphrodite jean make sure say u carry scarf. Long scarf oo Cus Aphrodite will shame u.”

@da_ra_hhh reacted: “The part she said she was thinking of calling her mom to cry, that’s so me.” 

Watch the video below …

Credit: Gistreel

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