Aregbesola begs for forgiveness, calls Tinubu political benefactor

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Former minister of interior, Rauf Aregbesola has begged all those he offended for forgiveness, saying President Bola Tinubu, who he once berated as “urinating on himself” at a rally in February 2022, is his political benefactor.

“I have not returned to Osun for animosity or acrimony but reconciliation of our party. I have come here today to beg for forgiveness from anybody who is offended towards me,” Mr Aregbesola said addressing his supporters at Nelson Mandela Freedom Park via Old Garage, Osogbo capital of Osun State.

“I thank God who showcased me from Lagos through the help of President Bola Tinubu, he is the architect of my success. I spent 8 years as commissioner in Lagos. President Tinubu and other Yoruba elders directed me to come and take over Osun State from the opposition.

“With the help of God and the support of Asiwaju, I was able to excel as a Governor for 8 years even though it was not easy with the help of those that turned to my enemy for four years,” the former interior minister said.

Mr Aregbesola was Osun Governor between 2010-2018. He handed over to Gboyega Oyetola, a relation of Mr Tinubu but fell out with Mr Oyetola and later worked against his reelection.

While the tussle for who controls power in Osun lingered, Mr Aregbesola accused Mr Oyetola and Mr Tinubu, who was then vying to be Nigeria’s President, of conniving to destroy his legacy in Osun.

“Won ti n to ara,” which means they are urinating on themselves in Yoruba, was heard punctuating Mr Aregbesola’s impassioned barbs aimed at his estranged political godfather Mr Tinubu in a viral video on social media.

Mr Aregbesola’s mockery of Tinubu followed Peoples Gazette publication of a video depicting Mr Tinubu’s soaked dress which dominated discussion across social media in February 2022.

In the video, Mr Aregbesola narrated how Mr Tinubu promised that Mr Oyetola would be a loyal successor, only for this not to be the case. 

“Rauf, this is the person that will stand by you and support your work,” Mr Aregbesola recalled a conversation with Mr Tinubu prior to the 2018 governorship election in which he tapped Mr Oyetola to succeed him. “This is the person that will not make a mess of your glory.”

“That was what the person (Mr Tinubu) who brought him (Mr Oyetola) to me told me. As I’m saying now, it will be hurting him that he said so. Has he done so?” Mr Aregbesola added before a cheering crowd at the rally.

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