Arewa leader endorses Yari for Senate president

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Arewa leader in the South, Alhaji Musa Saudi, has encouraged senators to vote for Senator Abdulaziz Abubakar Yari as the Senate President.

According to Saidu, Senator Yari has a respectable political background and would be a valuable asset to President Bola Tinubu if he becomes the Senate President.

Saidu also said that Senator Yari is from the North-West political zone, which is where Tinubu received a lot of support.

“On behalf of the Arewa community in southern Nigeria, we are appealing to Senators to make sure there is justice on the issue of who becomes Senate president.

“We want people of good character, not people that can be imprisoned tomorrow abroad. We don’t want anybody with bad character as Senate president.

“We, in the spirit of justice and fairness, ask the 10th Senate to vote a northern candidate. The President is not from the North, the Chief Justice is not from the North.

“Let us ignore religious sentiments; Nigeria has moved beyond such sentiments. We are supporting Alhaji Abdulaziz Yari to be Senate President. We recommend him because he is a very credible person for the position.

“We also have supporters from other tribes in the south who are in agreement with us on this. This is a Nigeria project.

“Senator Yari should be voted for. We don’t want people with bad records who could be convicted tomorrow abroad. Alhaji Yari is from North West, the area that provided the highest vote for President Tinubu. “

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