Dagrin’s mother’s shabby house surfaces, begs for assistance (Video)

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A video showcasing the dilapidated house of the late singer Dagrin’s mother causes a stir as she continues to beg for financial assistance.

It would be recalled that Dagrin’s mother had earlier made an appeal for help, expressing her pitiful state while stating why she couldn’t reach out to celebrities like Davido and Olamide.

dagrin's mother

Following her plea, a video showcasing the current condition of the house she resides in hits the internet, evoking mixed emotions from viewers.

In a live stream, viewers expressed disappointment at those who made/making money from the late Dagrin’s music but failed to assist his mother in her dire need. Others, however, argued that the house is in a good state while agreeing to her financial assistance.

Dagrin’s mother's shabby house surfaces, begs for assistance (Video)
Snapshot of Dagrin’s Mother’s house. Credit: Temilolasobola / Instagram.

Reactions trailing Dagrin’s mother’s dilapidated house

Emiliae CEO wrote: “Who is collecting his royalties online that’s the real culprit right now. This woman shouldn’t be suffering na.”

Nikkie Production said, “This is where she has been living even before Dagrin passed away it is well.”

Christ Ejiks penned: “It has now become a norm for a famous person or their parents to come out on social media to seek financial support. Very soon, the media space will be too much to accommodate those seeking for help”

Oyindamola Amole wrote: “Dear Lord, don’t let me die with glory”

Usman opined: “Don’t talk about this house, you can talk about her getting financial help from people but I see nothing wrong with the house. The compound dope pass some people compound self”.

Watch the video below …


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