Nigerian Muslims cause stir in Mecca as Osun pilgrims protest over food

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Some pilgrims from Osun observing the 2023 hajj in Saudi Arabia have protested the poor quality of food the State Pilgrims Welfare Board served them.

In a viral video seen on Monday, the pilgrims were heard complaining about the quality of food served to them.

The pilgrims were also throwing away food packages that had been delivered.

“We are rejecting food given to us. We are at the door of Osun Amirul Hajj,” one of the pilgrims said in the video. “We are rejecting the food given to us. The food is poor. We can’t continue to eat such after paying a huge amount for this pilgrimage.”

In a statement by Bolaji Sanni, the board’s administrative secretary, admitted that the chapter lacked adequate native Yoruba delicacies in the service provider’s food menu. 

The board also assured the necessity for its inclusion in subsequent meals.

“At the meeting were the state government officials, some representatives of the pilgrims, as well as the head of the catering team for the service provider, Mr Sanni said in a statement released on Sunday. 

The statement added, “The meeting discussed the lack of adequate local Yoruba delicacies in the food menu of the service provider and the need for its inclusion in subsequent meals. The meeting also discussed the possibility of changing the caterers if no improvement is noticed.”

The board also noted that “this problem is not peculiar to Osun state, and one can not rule out the possibility of fifth columnists blowing the situation out of control for obvious political reasons.”

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