Obaseki to place LASU best student on salary, sponsor Law School programme

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The Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, has said that the Edo State Government will place Aminat Yusuf who graduated as the best law student from Lagos State University (LASU) with 5.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) on salary and sponsor her Law School programme.

The governor, who spoke through the Head of Service, Anthony Okungbowa, said other benefits have been approved for the outstanding student.

He said, “This is an update on our daughter, Aminat Yusuf after the Government of Edo State honoured her in respect of her academic performance in LASU for graduating with a perfect CGPA of 5.00.

“Following this achievement, the government offered her automatic employment and the governor has now approved other things for her beyond the employment.

“The governor has directed that Aminat Yusuf will be sponsored on scholarship for one year in the Nigerian Law School and that the government will be responsible for the provision of all her needs till she completes the programme.”

He added: “The governor also approved that for every month that she will be in law school, she will receive an up-keep allowance equivalent to the salary of a State Counsel, which is almost N200,000 naira.

“This is in recognition of the feat she achieved in LASU. We are proud of her achievement and hope she would join us after her law school programme as we will write to NYSC to ensure that she embarks on her one-year compulsory youth service in the State.”

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