Man attempts to stab Imam during Eid prayer but knife fails to penetrate

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A man has been arrested in Senegal after a failed attempt to stab a popular Imam during Eid prayer session.

The incident happened on Thursday, 29th of June 2023 and it was captured on tape.

In the video which has gone viral, the assailant could be seen charging at the Imam with a knife when he was praying with other Muslim faithfuls.

The cleric who was leading prayer was about to kneel when the attacker hit tried to stab him but the knief got bent in the process.

Some men hurriedly grabbed the yet-to-be identified man seconds after the attack and contacted the police to arrest him.

Meanwhile, a 61-year-old man convicted for murder, assaulted his own attorney after a judge upheld his death sentence over the crime he committed 33 years ago.

Joseph Zieler was found guilt of murdering an 11-year-old girl, Cornell and her babysitter, Lisa Story, 32, in 1990.

The court affirmed the verdict on Monday and in the process of making a final request, he jabbed his attorney Kevin Shirley with an elbow to the face.

Three bailiffs quickly wrestled Joseph to the ground after the momentary attack before escorting him out of the courtroom immediately.

While in front of a judge, Zieler had asked for the cameras in the room to be taken down before acting like he wanted to whisper into his lawyer’s ears but he went on to elbow him.

”It seemed like he didn’t want our conversation to be picked up by the microphones. So he waved me down and I bent over, and he struck me,” Shirley said.

He was sentenced to death in May, by a jury in Lee County, Florida for raping and suffocating his two victims.

Zieler was arrested in 2016 – 26 years after the cold case murders.

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