Suspected yahoo boy returns home with brand new Jeep, father reacts

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A viral video has surfaced online, depicting the dramatic moment when the eldest son of a middle-class family arrived home in a luxurious jeep.

Upon catching sight of his son, the father swiftly reacted by grabbing a wooden plank and approaching him with disciplinary intent.

The father appeared perplexed by the sudden appearance of such an expensive car, adding to the tension of the situation.

Onlookers had gathered, eagerly observing the unfolding events.

Sharing the video, @naijaeverything wrote: “Omoh!! Man sets out to br€ak his son’s head with a 2by2 because he came home from school with a new car!! 👀”

Reacting to the video, official_emperorphingx said: “That’s what a real father will do, the son needs to explain his source of wealth… Wealth Comes gradually, not booom”

ms_jibbie commented: “Nigerian fathers used to be like this, never knew good fathers like this still remain 🙏🏾🙏🏾 God bless him”

69community_ said: “One significant thing about parenthood, if na single mother. Most single mothers will accept him without questioning his source of income…. Most fathers are more interested in the process or source of thier children’s wealth than the Mother….. #speaking from my observation.”

ola4lagos remarked: “What I’m seeing here is a reckless driver who drove into the man’s Front fence. Anyways Wetin I know, sha follow my page to enjoy relatable memes and funny savage replies”

paschal_ukoh said: “Love of a father to son.. did you see how he paused when he raises the stick to smash the car?? Deep down he understands the struggle 🥺”

Watch the video below:

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