Police demands N50,000 from victim as Lagos businessman le@ks uncl@d photos of single moms

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Lagos-based businessman, Amarah Kennedy, who has been accused of disseminating nude photos of two single mothers, has threatened to tarnish their reputation after a comprehensive report exposing his actions was published by Punch.

Kennedy, during conversations with Punch and the victims, expressed his unwillingness to forgive them.

Punch obtained a series of nude photos that the suspect had recently sent to the friends of the women on Facebook.

Despite the victims reporting the matter to the Pen Cinema Police Station on June 15, where the police allegedly demanded N50,000 from one of the ladies, the Lagos State Police Command has not yet arrested the suspect.

According to Punch, the two women identified as Kester and Temi, had encountered Kennedy in separate WhatsApp and Facebook chat groups for singles.

Kester, who lost her husband in a car crash eight years ago, stated that after engaging in a conversation with Kennedy, he began lavishing her with financial gifts.

However, when she declined his request for a loan, he retaliated by sending her over 50 of her own nude photos.

According to Kester, the photos were taken without her knowledge after they had engaged in sexual intercourse in a hotel room.

She further stated that the suspect demanded N100,000 from her as a condition for deleting the photos.

In compliance, Kester sent the money and inquired if the photos had been deleted, but Kennedy demanded an additional N40,000 to permanently delete the images, which she also sent to him.

Despite the payments, the suspect went ahead and circulated the nude photos on Facebook.

Kester disclosed that she attempted suicide twice but was unsuccessful, as people who had seen the photos started questioning her.

The second victim, Temi, claimed that Kennedy engaged in prolonged sexual encounters with her in hotels while allegedly under the influence of drugs, and subsequently provided her with only N1,000 as transportation fare.

After realizing that the suspect was not serious about their relationship and was merely using her, she severed communication with him.

However, Kennedy proceeded to send her several of her own nude photos and demanded reimbursement for all the money he had spent on their relationship.

Temi borrowed N15,000, which she sent to him.

When she sought help from his sister on Facebook to mediate, he began circulating the nude photos.

Temi revealed that the businessman frequently called her to demand money.

Black Diamonds Support Foundation, a rights group, stated that its investigation uncovered nine widows and three single mothers who had become victims of Kennedy’s actions.

In response to the allegations, Kennedy claimed that both women had received money from him during their relationship.

He asserted that Kester, who owed him over N600,000, refused to repay the funds, while he had given Temi over N400,000.

The former bank worker argued that Temi, a mother of two, had willingly sent him the explicit photos during their video chats.

When questioned about his decision to share photos sent to him in confidence and love with third parties, Kennedy expressed remorse, stating, “To be honest, my brother, as a man like me, that was unfair. Very unfair. However, that is now behind me as I have already apologized. I am extremely unhappy that this is now occurring, and she (Temi) is attempting to bring it up.”

Following the publication of the report, Kennedy engaged in a conversation with a Punch reporter accusing him of bias.

He vowed to further tarnish the reputation of the women in retaliation for “spoiling my image.”

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