Ondo Chef spotted napping in the kitchen during her 150-hour cookathon, Netizens reacts (Video)

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In a bid to break the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon, Chef Deo, embarked on a grueling 150-hour cookathon.

However, the event took an unexpected turn when a video of the chef taking a nap in the kitchen went viral, prompting mixed reactions from viewers.

"I can't kill myself" - Ondo Chef takes nap in the kitchen during 150-hour cookathon, Netizens reacts (Video)
A photo of Chef Deo. Photo credit: @deocookathon Source: Twitter

Inspired by the recent accomplishment of Chef Hilda Baci, who set the record at 93 hours and 11 minutes, Chef deo from Ondo State joined the race to surpass the existing milestone and etch her name in culinary history.

The cookathon, which commenced on a determined note, quickly gained attention as people tuned in to witness the chef’s endeavor to outdo the previous record.

However, it was during one of the video clips circulating on social media that Chef Deo was caught taking a brief nap in the midst of her marathon cooking session.

The nap was seen by some as an indication that the task at hand may have proved more arduous than anticipated, raising doubts about the chef’s ability to complete the grueling cookathon successfully.

Netizens Reactions…

@iamremote wrote; “Who send you🙄?”

@donaldmgb6 said; “Just like they did to Hilda,the time they will deduct from her time will be so much, they will need to deduct some from her age”

@itoodo said; “When Dammy been dey close for night, una think say na play.”

@fashion_magicblog wrote; This is to show us that Hilda is strong …”

@pearlkallen1 said; “All these shenanigans is even making me appreciate Hilda the more.”

@lizzyofblaze said; She thinks it’s just to dance and share food? You were not informed too.”

@real.motty said; “Hilda has to be the most prepared of all the Nigerians that attempted GWR. Go back, prepare and re-strategize, I’m sure by then pple will be rooting for you.”

@bertha_beauty_store wrote; “You guys are actually making us appreciate Hilda more”

@vickyranky06 wrote; “The competition is btw she nd chef Dammy”

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