I mistakenly withdrew five times with customer’s ATM card – Banker

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A banker who was sacked and arrested for alleged fraud, has confessed to “mistakenly” using a bank customer’s ATM card to withdraw cash five times.

The suspect, Uchenna Emmanuel spoke on Friday, 28th of July while being paraded by the Ondo State Police Command in Akure, the state capital.

He claimed to have made withdrawals from the account five times to purchase an undisclosed product to the tune of 35,000 naira. The ex-banker said the POS machine given to him for the transaction was compromised which was the reason he easily carried out the fraud without the use of a Personal Identification Number.

Uchenna said: “I mistakenly used the customer’s card to buy things from a company. I thought it was my card. The manager later found the card with me and I was sacked immediately.

“They asked me how I knew the customer’s PIN, I said I used my PIN. They brought other POS and a policeman also tried his ATM card. The transaction was successful. I used the customer’s card five times.”

Meanwhile in related news…

A 25-year-old bank worker was recently arrested by the Ghanaian Police for allegedly stealing about Ghc1.2 million (N50million) from two customers bank accounts.

Emmanuel Sakyi Afriyie, a contract employee of one of Ghana’s biggest banks, was alleged to have taken money belonging to a judge and a previous Inspector General of Police, both of whom are deceased.

According to the police, the suspect transferred some of the funds to his own account in another bank, the accounts of his 17 collaborators in various banks, and their mobile money accounts.

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He is also accused of using It was gathered that Afriyie used some of the funds to purchase an iPhone 14 Pro Max and a Toyota Camry, and intended to sneak away with his girlfriend to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates after purchasing an airline ticket.

But security operatives acting on intelligence swung into action and apprehended Afriyie at the Kotoka International Airport on June 4, 2023.

The accused person allegedly carried out the fraudulent transactions by discreetly recording his boss using a mobile phone as she entered her password, and he later examined the clip to determine the password she was using.


Afriyie then transferred the funds from the customers’ accounts within two months. Some of his accomplices were later arrested and brought before a court and held in detention before they were eventually granted bail.

He was accused of several offences, including conspiracy and theft alongside some of his aides. He is the only suspect facing additional charges of falsifying accounts and forging other documents, raising his total number of accusations against him to 13, all of which he pleaded not guilty.

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