Woman disappointed as generator gulps 12kg of gas in 7 hours while trying to cut cost (Video)

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A Nigerian woman’s Tiktok video has taken the internet by storm as she recounts her comical misadventure with using gas as an alternative fuel for her generator.

The video, shared with the aim of saving money and ensuring uninterrupted power supply, has captured the attention of countless viewers, all of whom found themselves laughing and relating to her humorous narration.

The woman, whose identity remains anonymous, begins the video by explaining her decision to purchase 12kg of gas from a nearby shop.

With rising petrol prices making alternative fuel options increasingly attractive, she believed this would be a cost-effective and efficient solution. Her plan was simple – connect the gas supply to her generator and enjoy the benefits of a seemingly endless power source.

However, her optimism quickly turned to disappointment as she soon discovered the limitations of her gas-powered experiment.

After just seven hours of use, much to her dismay, the gas ran out, leaving her without power. The unexpected turn of events left her feeling both shocked and annoyed, and she pondered whether reverting to traditional petrol, despite its soaring costs, might still be a better choice.

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