Fuel Subsidy: Apapa’s Labour Party Faction Rejects NLC Protest, Back Tinubu

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A faction of the Labour Party (LP) led by Lamidi Apapa is opposing a nationwide protest proposed by the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC).

Instead, this faction suggests that Nigerian workers can express their discontent over the growing hardship in the country by not going to work until their demands are addressed by the Federal Government.

The National Publicity Secretary of the faction, Abayomi Arabambi expressed his concerns during a press briefing in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

He acknowledged that the removal of subsidies has added to the difficulties faced by Nigerians.

However, Arabambi voiced his fear that the call to action issued by NLC President Joe Ajaero “is capable of setting Nigerians against the Tinubu Administration for violent overthrow.”

He said, “Our party noted that the NLC president Comrade Joe Ajaero without facts baselessly accuse President Bola Ahmed Tinubu of showing enormous disdain and contempt for Nigerian people and workers by the declaration of war of attrition on Nigerian workers and masses without any care leaving them to the throes of hopelessness and helplessness.

“Labour party agree with the NLC leadership only on all lawful demands but disagree totally with a resolution calling for mass action. Calling on Nigerians wherever they may be to begin mobilization to take action on their own against a legitimate Government even to the extent of directing associations, individuals and other entities including the ones already on the streets to ensure that the government listens to the people is a treasonable felony offence.

“Workers can be called to embark on a strike by sitting at home until the Government meets their demands.”


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