Breaking News: Nigerian Military Readies Battalions for Possible Invasion of Niger Republic

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A obtained documents that show that the Head of Military Operations in Nigeria, Defense Headquarters, has issued direct orders to all military formations to nominate battalions for a potential invasion of the Niger Republic.

A covert military signal received by Parallel Facts indicates instructions to battalion commanders of the Nigerian Army, Navy, and Air Force to launch an operation against the military junta in Niger almost immediately.

The signal, decoded as “WNG ‘O’ IMPENDING OPS IN NIGER REP. REQ SVCS TO COMMENCE PREP IMM. NA TO PROVIDE 2X BN GP. NN TO PROMOTE 1X SBS COY. PREP TO BEGIN MOVING PLATFORMS TO SOKOTO AND ENFORCING A NO-FLY ZONE MOV WILL BE AT SHORT NOTICE PSE TREAT AND ACK///,” indicates that the Defense Headquarters has mobilized all units of the armed forces and intends to launch the operation through Nigeria’s border with Niger in Sokoto.

The move comes amid warnings from the Military Juntas in Burkina Faso, Mali, and Guinea, threatening resistance and a possible declaration of war against any interference in Niger. As the situation unfolds, concerns arise over the impact on Nigeria’s reputation and foreign policy, with some expressing worry about potential risks associated with the decision.


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