MFM Church Founder, Olukoya, Is After My Life, Former Church Member Cries Out After One Week In Nigeria Police Detention

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Ayotunde alleged that the police picked him up in his house while he was naked around midnight some weeks ago and locked him up at the Force CID, Alagbon for one week without bail.

Ayotunde Richard, a gospel singer and former member of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries has raised an alarm, alleging that Dr. Daniel Olukoya, the General Overseer of the church, is after his life.

In a viral video obtained by SaharaReporters, the man is seen calling on the Acting Inspector General Police to help him investigate how Olukoya got access to his phones which were collected from him (Ayotunde) by a police officer, Supo Ayoleyi at Force Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Lagos Annex, Alagbon while he was detained there.

Ayotunde alleged that the police picked him up in his house while he was naked around midnight some weeks ago and locked him up at the Force CID, Alagbon for one week without bail.

He said the police officer collected his phones, accessed them, got his contacts and some information from them and then sent the information to Daniel Olukoya of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries.

He alleged that Olukoya started calling the people on his contact list and threatening them.

He also accused the officer, Ayoleyi of using her office to brutalise him.

He said, “This video is mainly for the Inspector General of Police.

“Sir, when you assumed office, you said you feel like a tiger that wants to clamp down on criminal entities. Please, IGP sir, I need you to help me to ask Daniel Olukoya of Mountain of Fire how he had access to my phones, my phones collected by Supol Ayoleyi of Alagbon.

“Ayoleyi is a card-carrying member of Mountain of Fire. We were very close when I was there. Why should Ayoleyi meddle in an official issue? She used her office to brutalise me.

“I was picked up 12 am naked, in my house. I was locked up in Alagbon for one whole week without bail. Ayoleyi collected my phones, accessed my phones. She went in there and got my contacts and sent them to Daniel Olukoya of Mountain of Fire. And then they started calling my contacts and then they started threatening them.

“What is my offence? Is it a crime to leave your church – Daniel Olukoya? Is it a crime to leave your church? Sanwo-Olu! Governor Sanwo- Olu, you know me very well, you know Richard. ‘E mo Richard daada’ (You know Richard very well), you have my CDs. I am a gospel singer.

“Is it a crime for me to leave your church? You said I am talking to Funke Asekun; the last time I checked, according to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it is my fundamental human right to associate with anybody. It is my fundamental human right!

“You said you are searching for the enemies of MFM, I thought you said you are a man of prayer? Why are you using the police? Ayoleyi, you are the one that supplies Daniel Olukoya police. You use your office at Alagbon, under the AIG, I think it’s Frank Mbah. IGP sir, you need to ask Daniel Olukoya why he is after me.

“I went to RCCG City of David, Daniel Olukoya came there to lie against me and that the pastor should chase me away. He detained me in Alagbon cell for seven good days and nothing has been done.

“And that man is still walking free, he is still climbing that pulpit and he says he is preaching; he says he is preaching! That man should be tamed! He accessed my phone and there is a voice note where he threatened the woman, a member of his church, asking why that one was communicating with me.”

“That woman is hiding. IGP, you said you feel like a tiger, you need to do that tiger move. You need to make the tiger move on Daniel Olukoya. He is threatening me, he is threatening my family. I am a gospel singer; he has pursued all my customers. I have incurred economic losses.

“Why should you be a pastor and you will be using tithes and offerings to oppress people? IGP, do something!” he added.

However, DSP Oluniyi Ogundeyi, the spokesperson for the Force-CID, Lagos Annex, Alagbon, told SaharaReporters that Ayotunde’s allegations are false.

He said, “All these things are just false. They investigated a case against the man and he is just looking for a way to wriggle out. I know the officer in question, she is very diligent. She won’t even want to put her name in the mud.

“The allegations are not true; they are all false. Most of these people that will run to the journalist just want to escape justice. In the first place, ask him what led him to the police. What did he do before the police went to arrest him?

“If you discover, you will know that it’s an allegation of one crime or the other. Then when they see that the thing is not working out and they want to prosecute them, they will want to tarnish the image of the police.

“These are the people that ordinarily the police don’t know from the outset. It’s one case or the other that will bring them to the police and when they see that the thing is leading them to jail, they will now be looking for a way to divert the attention of the investigator.

“He said the police officer is a member of MFM. Is it an offence? Maybe now, I’m a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) and a case involving a Redeemed church member is brought to me, will I say that because he is a member of the Redeemed church, I will not investigate the allegation against my church member?”

“No, because the police do not stipulate that these are the cases you should investigate or these are the cases you should not investigate. That is what we signed up for; the oath of allegiance we took. So all these things are just a way of wriggling out of justice,” he added.

When contacted, the spokesman for the MFM, Mr Collins Edomaruse insisted that the matter has nothing to do with the church or Dr Olukoya.

He said; “This matter has nothing to do with the church. We have answered you before. You sent a questionnaire and we returned it to you; nothing has changed. That answer we gave you before is the same answer we still have.

“The man can mention anybody he wants to mention. The church is not involved in the matter and the General Overseer is not involved in the matter.

“The person who arrested him has told you that she arrested him. So if that guy Richard is saying something else, well, he has the right. But the church didn’t take him to the police, the case has nothing to do with the church and has nothing to do with our General Overseer.”

It was earlier reported that a gospel singer, Adebayo Bolanle had gone into hiding after receiving threats from Olukoya for allegedly calling him ‘Maradona’.

In a leaked phone conversation obtained by SaharaReporters, Olukoya threatened to initiate the arrest of Bolanle for the comments she allegedly made against him.

However, a family source told SaharaReporters that Bolanle went into hiding immediately after the phone conversation with the popular cleric, especially considering the plight of a former member of the church, Ayotunde, who was detained for a week by the FCID in Lagos.

In the tape, Olukoya is heard challenging Bolanle, another church member, for allegedly speaking against him and calling him ‘Maradona’.

He said the police sent her picture and a message she had sent to a blogger to him, after browsing through the phone of the detained Ayotunde.

In the leaked phone conversation, Olukoya is heard asking Bolanle if he offended her for her to have allegedly made some ill comments about him.

But Bolanle said her phone must have been hacked.

According to Olokoya, the message allegedly sent by Bolanle to a blogger, Funke Asekun was extracted from the mobile phone of Ayotunde, who was in police detention at the time.  

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