Lady Packs Her Things In UK, Returns To Nigeria One Year After Relocating With Family: “Cancel My Visa”

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A lady moved to the United Kingdom a year ago but has voluntarily returned to Nigeria.

The story was posted on Twitter by DHK Rullah, who said the lady went to the UK with her family.

The lady applied to the UK Home Office and cancelled her visa, and then returned to Nigeria. 

UGC After a year of living in the UK the lady woke up one day and decided to return to her home country Nigeria.

She applied to the UK’s Home Office and requested the cancellation of her visa so she could return home.

Cecilia Dapaah could be charged with illicit dealing in foreign currency -… Lady cancels her visa after arriving UK, returns to Nigeria The lady then booked a flight and flew back to Nigeria.

DHK Rullah narrated the story: “Lady came to UK with her family in September 2022 after spending a lot on COS to japa.

She woke up last week, went to her employer, dropped her resignation and called HO to cancel her visa. She booked a flight immediately and left for 9ja. What do we call this?”

See the tweet below:

Reactions as Nigerian lady returns home from the UK @Oludeewon said: “Na who get second option dey go back home.”

@uwakings1 commented: “A lot of Nigerians who sold everything they had to pay fraudulent agents thousands of pounds for COS for care Jobs, especially domiciliary, are not finding it easy over there. Some of these minimum wage Jobs can’t even afford rent in some cities in UK. People are seeing hell.”


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