‘Death to America, give us Islam’, protesters chant in Kano against ECOWAS’ planned invasion of Niger

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Citizens in Kano hit the streets in protest against ECOWAS’ move to invade Niger Republic to restore constitutional order, chanting, “death to America, give us Islam.”

“Attack on Niger is injustice. It’s the making of Israel. Death to America. All we want is Islam,” hordes of protesters chanted in a viral video as they marched in solidarity with Niger military junta.

The pro-Niger coup march in Kano, the commercial hub of Northern Nigeria that borders Niger Republic, came two days after ECOWAS leaders charged the regional body’s standby force to restore constitutional order in Niger at the second extraordinary summit on the socio-political situation in Niger in Abuja on Thursday.

President Bola Tinubu, at the meeting where ECOWAS resolved to military action in the Niger Republic, said the ongoing political crisis threatened the stability of Nigeria and other West African countries.

However, Nigerians have accused Mr Tinubu of getting involved in the war against Niger Republic while Nigeria is confronted with internal insecurity and other issues.

Niger junta ousted President Mohammed Bazoum on June 26, ignoring entreaties to relinquish power and sanctions from ECOWAS and international communities.

The second extraordinary summit on the socio-political situation in the Republic of Niger held in Abuja opened Thursday.

Present at the summit were Presidents of Guinea Bissau, Senegal, Cote ‘d’Ivoire, Ghana, Benin, Sierra Leone, and Togo, while Liberia and the Gambia were represented by their foreign ministers.

The announcement came despite widespread warnings that an invasion could plunge sub-Sahara Africa into turmoil, as well as doubt among Western leaders that the alliance could pull off the operation in a timely manner. The United States, France and others have expressed support for the efforts of ECOWAS in resolving the crisis.

Meanwhile, Niger’s military junta had earlier announced a new government on Thursday, naming Ali Mahaman Lamine Zeine, prime minister, to lead other 21 new ministers forming the new government.

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