Ignatius Ajuru University: Course Rep, Assistant wanted for allegedly running away with N6.4m textbook money

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  • A university’s accounting department is abuzz with the news of a bold course representative and his partner-in-crime assistant who have, in a daring escapade, reportedly absconded with a hefty sum earmarked for their coursemates’ essential textbooks.
  • Photos of the alleged culprits, students linked to Ignatius Ajuru University, have been swirling through the virtual corridors of social media.
  • An online revelation has brought to light a duplicate of a petition, meticulously crafted and directed towards the dean of the faculty of management sciences, shedding further light on the ongoing situation.

A course representative of Ignatius Ajuru University, identified as Henry Boma Ekine, and his assistant, Princess Boniface, find themselves at the center of allegations involving the misappropriation of N6.4 million in textbook funds entrusted to them.

Viral snapshots of the accountancy department’s course representative and his assistant are causing a stir across social media platforms.

Whispers in the digital wind, although lacking official confirmation, hint that the university has ignited a manhunt for their whereabouts.

Delving deeper into the situation, a Facebook user named Iwor Romgbo shed light on the incident, revealing that the university had declared the course representative and his assistant “wanted” due to their alleged vanishing act with a substantial amount of money.

According to Iwor, the amassed funds were contributed by more than 150 graduating students to cover the cost of four distinct textbooks.

A petition penned to the dean of the faculty provides details on the paid textbooks, encompassing financial accounting, corporate finance, tax and tax management, as well as management accounting.

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Netizens react to the Ignatius Ajuru University incident

James Gwene said: “New life acquired as for the four years suffer for university qualification na that same school go sell as for them.”

King Sley said: “I’m only wondering how many the coursemates are and how much the textbooks cost that it’s amounting to N6.4m.”

Ada Splendour said: “Some people’s mentality about Money is something else,so what can 6.5 m do for the both of them? Abandoned their four years effort and sacrifice mteeew.”

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