Priceless moment chef surprises hardworking LASTMA official with sumptuous meal [Video]

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In a viral online video, a Nigerian chef rewards a hardworking LASTMA official by preparing his favorite meal and gives it to him while he was busy at work.

The Lagos-based chef approached the jolly LASTMA official who was happily carrying out his traffic control duty.

Chef LASTMA meal
LASTMA official

He asked the man what his favorite meal was and the man replied that he desires a tasty chicken with chips.

The chef went back home and showed all the process he followed to make the sumptuous meal.

He took it back to the man who was busy at work. When the LASTMA official opened the plate and saw its content, he was extremely delightful and grateful.

Netizens have reacted …

@Mayo💀 said: “Lastma sabi chicken and chips??!🤣🤣🤣”

@VICTOR commented: “I know this man in Lagos. If you are going to ikeja”

@Cj littles wrote: “This man over the years ..still the same energy ❤️”

@wharskheed ♍️♍️ said: “I swear I like that man he Dey always gimme joy if am seeing him on my way to Ikeja”

@Ima-mi stated: “If you’re having a bad day and you see this man on Obafemi awolowo way, you go just happy immediately 😫”

@user9544519327201 remarked: “God bless both of you.”

Watch the video …


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