Flood Looms As Cameroon Govt Notifies Nigeria Of Plans To Open Lagdo Dam

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The Government of Cameroon has notified the Federal Government of it’s plan to open the Lagdo Dam so as to reduce the level of water caused by the persistent rain in Cameroun.

The notification was sent to the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) through a letter signed by Umar Salisu, the Ministry’s Director of African Affairs in Cameroon

The alert issued by the ministry of foreign affairs on August 21 said the Cameroonian government plans to “open the flood gates of the Lagdo Dam on the Benue River in days ahead.”

This, it said, is due to the heavy rainfall around the dam catchment area in Northern Cameroon.

According to Salisu, the Cameroonian authorities will be releasing “only modulated variable small amount of water at a time”.

This is in order to mitigate and avoid damages that the released water may cause along the River Benue basin in both Cameroon and in Nigeria.

The ministry, urged NEMA to take precautionary measures in order to reduce damages.

The letter added, “It would be appreciated if the esteemed agency takes all the necessary proactive steps and actions that will mitigate the damage as well as sensitise the populace living in such areas for vigilance and all necessary precautions. “

The ministry also urged residents of the affected areas to remain calm and to follow the instructions of the authorities.

Due to the release of water from the Lagdo Dam in the past, many Nigerian communities along the courses of River Niger and River Benue have been affected by flood.

At least, flooding killed more than 300 persons, injured 500 persons and displaced 100,000 others in 2022, according to records disclosed by the National Emergency Management Agency.

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