‘We are models, fashion designers’, G@y suspects deny holding wedding party in Delta

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Suspects arrested by the Delta State Police Command for allegedly holding a gay wedding ceremony at a hotel in the state have denied the allegations leveled against them.

Three of the suspects, while fielding questions from journalists, claimed that they are models and fashion designers attending an All-White and Award party rather than gay culprits.

One of the suspects said: “I am a model, I came for an event in Warri here for a fashion show and luckily to me, while I was going for an event and I wanted to perform on stage for the modelling event, on my way going to the event, some police people attacked me and took me to the police station.

“I am a male, I dressed as a female because I am a model and I wanted to perform on stage. I did not dress at the venue because the venue hotel was occupied and I had to lodge in another hotel close to the hotel. I don’t know if cross-dressing is an offence while dressing like this but I don’t know if cross-dressing is an offence or if it is against the constitution of the land, I have not seen it in the constitution, I am not a gay, The event was an all-white party.”

Another said, “I advertise all kinds of products, I am an ambassador. I was sent an invite to attend the award-giving party and I was told I would be offered an award for attending the party. I was told to come in an outfit that befits the event, when I came to the event, everywhere was peaceful. Everything they promised me, they did everything. As I was at the event, I came outside then they were hosting a party there. I was not at the event or where they were hosting a party, I was at the reception of the event taking pictures. I was not at the event, It was tagged Award giving party which I was told to come and award. The person that invited me for the event clearly stated that I should dress in a female attire and considering I am a model and I can advertise all kinds of products, I should dress in a female attire.”

Another who identified himself as Daniel explained: “I am a fashion designer. A friend of mine invited me to the party and I was told to showcase my outfit. I am not a cross-dresser, I did not wear make-up, I did not put on anything related to female attire. The only thing that corresponded to a female attire was on my hand and it is fashion all over everywhere because most of my outfit, I took it from an Instagram fashion designer. You can go to his page and search for it. I took most of the ideas there so that I can use it to showcase as a fashion designer. The show was for male and female.”

Recall that since the anti-gay law was passed in 2014, homosexuals have been arrested and paraded by security operatives in the country.

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