Video: Make Noise For Me, I’m Under Arrest – Ousted President of Gabon Cries For Help

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Ousted Gabonese President Ali Bongo Ondimba has called on his supporters to “make noise” after he was arrested on Tuesday.

In a video message that was circulated on social media, Bongo Ondimba said that he was being held under house arrest by the military junta that seized power in the early hours of Wednesday. He called on his supporters to “take to the streets and make noise” to demand his release.

“I am your president,” Bongo Ondimba said in the video. “I am not going to give up. I am going to continue to fight for the Gabonese people.”

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The arrest of Bongo Ondimba marks the end of his 14-year rule of Gabon. He was elected to a third term in office in 2023, but the election was widely disputed by the opposition.

The military junta that overthrew Bongo Ondimba has promised to hold new elections within 12 months. However, the opposition has called for the junta to step down immediately and for Bongo Ondimba to be reinstated as president.

The situation in Gabon remains tense. The military has imposed a curfew and has shut down the internet and telecommunications networks. There have been reports of protests in some parts of the country.

The international community has condemned the coup in Gabon. The United States, the European Union, and the African Union have all called for the restoration of constitutional order.

It remains to be seen how the situation in Gabon will unfold. The military junta has said that it is committed to a peaceful transition to democracy, but it is unclear whether it will be able to maintain control of the country.


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