“You Have Snatched Power, Perform Your Lagos Miracles” — Buhari’s Minister Taunts Tinubu

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Solomon Dalung, the former Minister of Youths and Sports Development during President Bola Tinubu’s first term, has called on Tinubu to focus on addressing Nigeria’s economic challenges rather than consistently blaming President Muhammadu Buhari.

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In a series of posts through his X handle, Dalung criticized the attempts by the Tinubu-led administration to shift blame, describing it as hypocritical.

Tinubu, who served as the governor of Lagos State from 1999 to 2007, campaigned on the promise of replicating the success of Lagos at the national level.

However, Dalung argued that the administration’s policies have not effectively tackled the economic and security issues facing the country, leading to increased hardships for the Nigerian people.

While acknowledging Buhari’s failure to fulfil the promised “change,” Dalung pointed out that the responsibility for Nigeria’s economic challenges lies with Tinubu’s government due to what he referred to as reckless policies.

According to him, blaming Buhari for economic woes wouldn’t alleviate the hardships faced by the people.

He criticized the diversion of resources and effort during elections and tribunals, stating that if the same energy were directed towards economic and security issues, significant improvements could have been achieved.

Dalung stated, “Blaming #MBuhari for economic woes cannot address the economic situation confronting the people. Can bulk trading be the only solution for #officialABAT and his economic team? The pregnant situation deserves urgent prescriptions. Hunger and high cost of living are at unbearable levels.

“An empty stomach does not listen to the voice of the gospel; the echoes of concerns, especially those of traditional rulers, cannot be ignored. I lean my voice to it, #officialABAT hunger is a recipe for disaster.

“If #officialABAT deploys the same energy, knowledge, tactics, and money during elections and tribunals to deal with Nigeria’s security and economic challenges, things will change. Why has the steam suddenly changed to blaming Daura? You have snatched power, oya perform your Lagos miracles,” he added.

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