Prophet Dr0wns In Lagos Beach During Valentine’s Day Hangout with Church Members

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The deceased cleric led some youths of his church to the Avista Beach in the area on Saturday February 17, to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

A Lagos State-based fun-seeking prophet identified as Oriyomi Remilekun, has reportedly drowned during a Valentine’s Day celebration beach hangout in the Ajah area of the state.

The deceased cleric led some youths of his church to the Avista Beach in the area on Saturday February 17, to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

A source familiar with the incident told PUNCH that the picnic which lasted through the evening had ended when the whereabouts of the late Oriyomi became unknown, hence, his colleagues immediately launched a search for him but efforts to locate him failed.

“The youths of the church parish at Gbagada were on a planned Valentine’s Day love feast at the Avista Beach Resort and they were 16 in number. They first lodged at a shortlet apartment very close to the resort where they had a party before later moving into the beach resort.

“Around 9pm, they prepared to leave and when they got to the car park, they discovered that Oriyomi was missing. When they asked his girlfriend, she said he gave her his phone, went in and promised to come back. They later went to the beach, searched for him and could not find him before they left,” the source was quoted as saying.

It was reported that the deceased cleric’s colleagues returned to the beach on Sunday morning to continue the search but still could not find him. They later lodged a report at the nearest police station.

The management of Avista Beach confirmed the incident, adding that the remains of Oriyomi were washed ashore on a separate beach located in the community on Monday.

On Tuesday, a member of the management team who spoke on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the incident was quoted as saying, “On Sunday afternoon, we saw a group of people with police officers from Ogombo Police Station who told us they came to report that someone was missing at the beach. 

“They invited us to the station and we wrote our statement. After that, the police invited the remaining colleagues. About three hours after they were invited, we got a call that a body had been found at Baracuda Beach Resort. The guys did not lodge at the resort and the body was not found there. 

“They started the search around 9pm and that time in Lagos is just like early morning. Why didn’t they raise the alarm but instead went home that night? This is a beach resort where everybody comes and goes home.”

Meanwhile people familiar with the late prophet have mourned him while reacting to social media posts announcing his demise.

A Facebook user, Erinle Abel, who expressed sadness over his death wrote, “Honestly, I have never met a prophet that is gifted without blemish, humble in spirit and character, very active in the vineyard and respectful to both the young and old. 

“Our meeting was during our harvest week and since then he had been a blessing to me. It is so unfortunate that you have to leave untimely. May God rest your soul and bless your church with more truthful prophets like you.”

When contacted, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Benjamin Hundeyin, said he was not aware of the incident. “I am not aware.”  

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