Nigerians Open Floodgate of Curses on INEC Chairman Yakubu Mahmood for Manipulating 2023 Presidential Election Result

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One year after the 2023 presidential election, Nigerians have unleashed a wave of curses on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, for orchestrating the systemic manipulation of election results in favor of the ruling party.

Today, February 25th, 2024, marked exactly one year since the controversial election that the majority of Nigerians believe the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi won.

In expressing their displeasure, Nigerians took to social media to invoke metaphysical powers, raining curses on Yakubu.

Many citizens believe that the election was marred by widespread rigging, violence, and manipulation that unfairly favored the ruling party and brought its candidate, widely perceived as imposed, into power.

The sentiments expressed on social media reflect a collective anger towards what is perceived as a compromise of the electoral process by the INEC chairman.

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Amidst economic hardships attributed to certain policies by Chief Bola Tinubu, Nigerians sought to identify the root cause of their discontent and sent a strong signal by invoking metaphysical powers to lay curses on Yakubu.

Social media platforms, especially X, have been flooded with strong-worded curses directed at the academic, expressing a deep sense of betrayal and frustration.

One user, with the handle ‘Nigeria must be great, stated, “As Mr yakubu is about to start Ramadan, may his fasting be hunger strike, may his Quranic recitation be Arabic poetry and may his prayers be yoga 😞😞😞.”

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Queen bee, said, “May Mahmood Yakubu be Glitched to D€@+h. May incurable d!se€as€§§ 🪰🦟 afflict him. May the blessings of Allah depart from him. May nacked wire touch him.”

Another Nigerian on X, Obidient Lady, articulated, “This is just the beginning. He will rue the day he sold us out for the rest if his life!”

Another with the handle, Yoruba Obidient, stated, “It can never be well with him… He is complicit and he will reap the fruits of the pain, agony, hardship and insecurity he caused the citizens of Nigeria.”

A Nigerian on X, with the handle, John Thomas and 11,000 others, expressed his pain stating, “E n0 go better for Mahmoud generat!on.”

NEFERTITI, articulated, “May you have erectile dysfunction. May you continue to fire blank bullets in da oza room. May your manhood Rest In Peace.

God’sWillAlonwe4Naija, stated, “As you straight face lie 🤥 to the World. Na so Nature go straight face deal with with you Terribly in 💯 folds.

Another Nigerian, Chlropheniramine, stated, “25th February 2023, exactly a year ago since INEC, APC, Tinubu and Mahmood Yakubu stole from Nigerians what is truly theirs. It shall never be well with those who have brought this pain upon us 📌

Another X user, with the handle, Truth NJ, stated, “Mahmood Yakubu May the night reject you, May the morning reject you. May your life be as valueless as the naira. May the state of you and yours be like that of Nigeria. May your life be as secure as the middle belt and may your end be as inconsequential as the IREv under you.”D

DeleFarotimi, stated, “May all the forces of nature, the elements and the energies, present in the water, air, and soils of this country, demand retributions of Yakubu and every other person at INEC, who have in one way or the other, contributed to the denial of the people’s sovereign will. Amen 🙏🏿

Ekonyohe, stated, “with the handle,Curse be upon you and your children Mahmood Yakubu. I declare the curses in Deutronomy 28 upon your offspings. For your roles in shattering our dreams last year, may the rest of your days be in fear and pain. You will seek and not find. You and your children are cursed forever!”

A Nigerian, Dr. Kenon, stated, Just like a thief, you rigged the election and announced the result at 4am: WE CUR$E YOU 🔥🔥🔥

Another Nigerian, Declan, cursed Mahmood, stating, “Yakubu Mahmood, may the consequences of ur corrupt actions weigh heavily on ur conscience, serving as a perpetual reminder of the lives you’ve destroyed. May untreated ailments be ur constant companion,and may the absence of peace be an enduring affliction in ur daily life.”

Another Nigerian, Ayemojubar, tweeted, “Because you turned off the iReV server to manipulate the people’s will in favor of a certificate forger behind closed doors, resulting in hunger, poverty, calamity, and profound sorrow for the nation, may God deactivate all sources of your influence and relevance on this planet.”

An X user, with the handle, Temiolalekan, stated, “Mahmood Yakubu, from today you are judged,you are condemned, your prayers are regarded as sin. May your days be few and may your children be left fatherless,and your wife become a widow. May strangers plunder your labor. May no one show you mercy for rigging 2023 election. Amen.”

Another Nigerian, KevweMykI, stated, “On this day last year, I voted for the first time in Nigeria in an election I devoted my time, talent and treasures but Mahmood Yakubu and @inecnigeria colluded and stole our victory. Cursed be them.”

X user, HappinessEric, stated, “For turning off the IREV, Mahmood Yakubu, may God turn off your entire happiness, your peace will be turned off, your health will be turned off, your finances will be turned off by sickness that money can’t heal, your l!fe will be turned off in a very miserable & painful way.”

“From corrupt directors and commissioners, federal and state, of @inecnigeria to crooked corpers who worked as Polling Officers and falsified figures or sabotaged the elections in anyway, to police officers and thugs who harassed, maimed and killed Nigerians in order to steal the votes of Nigerians, or to prevent Nigerians from voting, may they all partake in any calamity that will befall Mahmood Yakubu.

Lord, hear our prayers and hearken to our voices in the name of Yeshua. Amen, ” Gbadamosi said.

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