VIDEO:  Delta Bl00dbath: Women, Children Tr@pped In Bush Without Food  -Youth Leader

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VIDEO:  Delta Bloodbath: Women, Children Trapped In Bush Without Food  -Youth Leader

The President of the Youth Wing of the Urhobo Progress Union Worldwide, Blessing Ughere, has expressed concern over the plight of Okuama community residents, particularly women and children taking refuge in the bush without access to food and shelter following the killing of military officers in the area.

He made this known during an interview with ARISETV on Thursday.

He said: “First, I want to commend the effort of the governor of Delta State for having been able to show some signs of responsibility so far. But it seems the Federal Government and the military are not doing the needful as it should be done.

“Deltans are not people who kill people. Let’s clear that position. We do not kill people, and it has never happened in Urhobo land before, where military personnel are killed in our land. it has never happened.

“Now going to your question, I came here for just one thing, I came here to tell the world that my people,  Urhobo youths, women, young persons are in the bush, they don’t have food, they don’t have shelter, they don’t have anything.  I was with the IOYC President yesterday, where we together made a statement solidly, telling the world that Ijaw nation and Urhobo nation are not at war. We are not at war.

What we are asking the government to do is to tell the military to stop going from community to community, since the spokesman of the military has come out yesterday and say they know the people who are involved and they will catch them in no short time, why then go and start raiding every community?

“The Ijaws are suffering the same faith. It’s just that the Okuama of the Urhobo people are more of this faith because it happens in our land. We are calling on the Federal Government to please call on the military to give access to people to come back and live their life while investigation is being done. This is how it is done in international practice, not locking the doors against the investigators. How do we get to know the truth?”

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