D£ath toll from Moscow atta¢k reaches 133

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The tragic hall attack in Moscow has now claimed the lives of 133 individuals, with over a hundred more suffering varying degrees of injuries, as reported by Al Jazeera, citing official sources. 

The assault occurred at the Crocus City Hall on the western outskirts of Moscow during a packed concert featuring the iconic Soviet-era rock band, Picnic.

Gunmen barged into the venue on Friday, unleashing a hail of gunfire upon unsuspecting attendees who were settling into their seats. 

The assailants also triggered explosives, resulting in a raging inferno that engulfed the area, estimated to cover approximately 12,900 square metres, according to accounts from the Russian news agency, Interfax.

The harrowing scenes captured on social media show the perpetrators firing their weapons upon entry, with chilling footage showing innocent victims being shot at close range. 

Additionally, clips further showed panicked attendees witnessing the unfolding chaos, including one individual lamenting the arson attack within the auditorium.

Helicopters were deployed to combat the flames from above, complementing the efforts of ground-based firefighters. They eventually subdued the blaze in the early hours of Saturday. 

Amidst the chaos, the Emergency Situations Ministry said it helped the rescue of about 100 individuals via the building’s basement, while simultaneous operations were launched to aid those stranded atop the structure.

Russian authorities, grappling with the magnitude of the tragedy, confirmed the grim toll, with 133 lives lost and over a hundred others left wounded, marking one of the most devastating assaults in the nation’s recent history. 

Miraculously, members of the Picnic band emerged unscathed and were safely evacuated from the scene.

In a swift response, Russia’s FSB security service apprised President Vladimir Putin of the apprehension of 11 suspects, including four directly implicated in the attack.

Further developments unfolded as at least two individuals were captured in the Bryansk region following a dramatic car pursuit spanning some 340 kilometres southwest of Moscow, as revealed by politician Alexander Khinshtein. 

Moreover, additional suspects are reported to have sought refuge in a nearby forest, prompting ongoing pursuit operations.

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