Troops Recover Dec0mposing Hearts of Sla!n Soldiers in Okuama, Delta State

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The Defence Headquarters confirmed the recovery of decomposing hearts belonging to some of the army personnel who were killed in Okuama, Delta State.

Despite the intensifying hunt for the perpetrators, no significant arrests have been made thus far.

Maj.-Gen. Edward Buba, the Director of Defence Media Operations, disclosed to reporters in Abuja that troops are currently engaged in clearance operations and cordon-and-search missions to retrieve, among other items, the weapons of the deceased soldiers.

Their efforts have resulted in the recovery of “decomposing hearts of some of the murdered soldiers,” Maj.-Gen. Buba stated.

Earlier reports indicated that the individuals responsible for the soldiers’ deaths had also harvested their hearts and other body parts.

Operations have been conducted in various communities, including Akugbene, Ukuama, and Okoloba in Ugheli and Ugheli South of Delta State, as well as Ukuama Amusamo, Akwagbe, Arhavwarien, Pirigbene, and Igbomatoro communities in Delta State.

While no significant arrests have been made, the Defence Headquarters is aware of a viral video featuring an individual “admitting to have perpetrated the killing of the soldiers in Delta State.”

Maj.-Gen. Buba noted that the video serves to narrow investigations to persons of interest and their accomplices.

He stated, “Accordingly, the state governments and host communities of these personalities are required to assist the investigation in flushing them out.

“There can be no hiding place for perpetrators of such dastardly acts against our nation. This is a clarion call to duty by members of those communities and the state governments,” he added.

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